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  1. It's probably way too last minute, but what would be your asking selling price for two seats in Section 109 for tomorrow (7/27)?
  2. I normally swear by GA but initially was not planning on attending any shows of this tour due to other commitments. A change in circumstances allowed me to be free for tomorrow night's (7/27) show at MSG but I was only able to get resale seats within a certain price range. I'll be in section 420 (WAY up there, haha) and I have some mixed feelings about it. I'm anticipating a less enthusiastic crowd up there (though I may be wrong, as I've been to concerts beside U2 where the upper levels were electric) but at the same time I'll definitely be able to take a step back and take in the visual aspects of the show a bit more. A more relaxed vibe with some shoulder room may prove to be an equally stimulating experience. I won't know until tomorrow night, really. I've also never had a birds-eye view of the entire arena/stadium and I'm looking forward to that tomorrow night. So for me, I'll be getting a different perspective of a U2 show that I normally wouldn't but the energy may not be what I'm used to as well. Truthfully, I'm just ecstatic to be attending and sharing in the experience and energy that is so unique to a U2 concert. But the experience is what you make it. I won't be relying on others to create my vibe. U2's connection with their fans, the visual engagements, and the music are what make the experience. Connecting with other fans is a bonus that I'm hoping for but won't be disappointed if it doesn't necessarily happen. (Hopefully I'll get back to doing GA if the word of more North American dates in 2016 is true? - here's hoping! ) I hope that everyone enjoys their experiences regardless of seating, neighbors, and the potentially less-enthusiastic concert-goers. It is what you make it!
  3. Thank you! I figured as much - not the greatest seats but still not awful. I'm just glad to be going and sharing in the experience but now I know what I'll be in for as far as viewing the screens. Thanks again!
  4. Hi All, I don't post on this forum very much but I have a question that I cannot, for the life of me, answer by means of using the internet and a seating chart. I purchased tickets for the show in New York at Madison Square Garden on 7/27. My seats are located in Section 420, Row 7. The physical ticket has "REAR STAGE" branded on it. My question is, if anyone has already seen the show, can you possibly give me a good idea as to whether or not these are okay seats or did I just waste money on nosebleed seats that won't allow me to see much? I know that there has been some discussion about how certain seats are pretty bad because you can't really see the screens or the band from certain angles. I know that the seats that I have won't be amazing, but I want to know what to expect before I go in there and am completely disappointed. I really appreciate the input! Also, if I happened to post this in the wrong area (I'm not very message board savvy), I apologize. Thank you again!
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