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    Seahawks football, Manchester United, playing guitar, piano, brass instruments, computers, Everything U2. History, Art, Faith, and traveling ( I have actually circum-navigated the entire world)
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    Joshua Tree Live from Paris
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    Mercy and October
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    Popmart tour, Los Angeles
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    360 tour rose bowl
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    Rose bowl, Pasadena, Ca
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    VirginMarys, Weezer, the Toadies, PUSA, RHCP

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  1. I’m dying because I missed the red rocks concert from 83. I see soundboards of it for sale. But it seems sketchy with the process to buy. Are they legit? Legal to buy?

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      The only legal way to get it would be the DVD release already available...

      Any recording (either video or audio) from the Virtual Road streams you may be able to find (being Slane, Red Rocks, Mexico City or Paris) are not legit and not legal to buy (also, not worth any amount of money you are asked for those). We don't know yet if these will be available in any form in the future, but if at one point these recordings (again, either audio or video) be sure you will be able to find the information here in U2.com, any official social media account from the band and in Zootopia. Please keep checking here periodically for any official news regarding the band and future releases...

    2. vmweezer
  2. WooHoo! Going back to work after injury. New job,, better opportunities, not as stressful.

    1. Anjana


      that's great to hear, hope you are fully recovered, best of luck, I remember how down you felt, really pleased for you:D

  3. Hey everyone, I was out and couldn't be on. What was the surprise? I tried looking around, didn't see anything
  4. College football is back!!!!!!!

  5. Well, just replaced the broken LCD screen on my wife's laptop. Good as new!

  6. Getting ready to homeschool my daughter.

  7. I am BIG SEXY! :)

    1. Anjana


      have you been at the strong painkillers again ;)

    2. vmweezer


      Haha, no

      I have been watching a show on the tellie called "Fat Cops". One of the officers nickname is big sexy. He is so funny.

      As for pain, as long as I don't drive to much and don't lift or pull anything heavy, I'm ok. Thanks for asking. How are you doing?


  8. When a window closes, a door opens. You just have to be willing to open your eyes. I had such I nice day!
  9. vmweezer


    Art inspired by U2 music
  10. Starting to get the itch to pull out the guitars again, get the music and start playing again. It's been a little too long.

  11. Was it a really bad injury?! Anjana, it's not that bad of injury, it's just the elbows are one of the worst areas to have injuries. Also, I'm sorry about hitting the red button, my clumsy hand meant to hit the green. Thank you for enquiring !
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