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  1. You can convert your e-tickets to paper after the fact for $4.50 if you want.
  2. Struck out Both times today for Boston 2. No GA, only some behind the stage and nosebleeds... Luckily, we got a pair of GA for both Bostons in the fan club presales earlier.
  3. I also got a new working download code from Push entertainment after several days. Same problem with the JT30 7lp set, same resolution.
  4. Push entertainment finally sent me a new working download code.
  5. I gave up this time and ordered from Amazon instead, having had a nightmare experience for the JT30 set.from fanfire . It was at my door 8am on release day. Ironically, I have the box set, but the download code doesn't work that came in the box. Tech support is ignoring me....
  6. Me too. I emailed Push and they replied by asking for the web site I was trying to get it from and the name of the album. I provided that information and they haven't replied. " Hi - thanks for contacting us, I'm very sorry you are having problems validating your download code. Please could you let us know the following: 1 - Which website you are using 2 - Which album you have a code for Kind regards Support"
  7. Download code for Vinyl doesn't work. What's the problem? Code from Box set doesn't work.
  8. I got Boston and the only option was phone access tickets for GA....
  9. We got GA Boston at the open. Try again in the public sale. Another tour I was able to get GA in the public, not the pre sale. Good luck!
  10. GA's for arena shows go quick. The $40 tickets are upper corner nosebleeds. Years ago, the GA's were the cheapest. Now they run $80-$100. GA is definitely worth it. With this stage layout, you can do well without lining up all day, because they move between stages. Just work your way closer to the stage they have just left and you will get pretty close. You can have the RED zone experience with more crowding and no bar on the floor.
  11. The NFL Schedule creates difficulties. Doubt they add more than this...
  12. In Houston, scheduled start time was 6:30p. The Lumineers started at 7:04pm. U2 around 8:40pm. In Dallas, scheduled start time was 7pm. The Lumineers started around 7:35pm. U2 around 9:15pm.
  13. I went to Houston and Dallas in GA. No mention of fan club membership. Fans have been organizing the GA lines prior to the event date, they however have no association with the venue or band and thus no authority to enforce numbers. An honor system, in effect. The venues are not officially allowing waiting on the premises until 6am on event day, for the most part. I got my number from a fan coordinator @ 12:45pm on event day in Houston. I got #338. In Dallas, I arrived at the same time and received #1032 from venue personnel, with no fan coordination. In both cases, I ended up 2nd from the rail at my desired location, on tree stage and catwalk for the respective shows. Since these are credit card tickets, line organizers have no idea whether anyone they are giving numbers to actually possess tickets in their names when they issue numbers. In Dallas, the venue person asked to see an email confirmation from the venue on my phone. But didn't look at it carefully. Still didn't swipe my card before issuing the number. The fan coordinator number is in marker on your hand. At 2:30pm in Houston, the venue passed us through security and issued wrist bands with numbers corresponding to the fan marker number. In Dallas, anyone arriving after 6am was given a numbered wristband by the venue.
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