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  1. WE will get SOA. It just may be a while since they have been touring for awhile. I was sort of hoping that they will come back to the states and california for SOE as I missed them, but do not think that will happen. They all need a break to be with family and Bono needs to address his health, not to mention he needs to stop drinking. Give it till 2020
  2. After a long time on the road and a health scare, I regret to have to say or even think that we may not hear from them for a while. You could also look at the flip side of that, and if there is a problem with Bono, maybe they want to get as much done as possible as soon as possible as none of us are promised tomorrow. With that said, I think they will take a much needed break and maybe be back in a few years with SOA. I remember Bono saying in an interview that Ali told him to enjoy this one. My fingers are crossed though, that they return to the states for SOE as I missed them in LA
  3. joannelazaro2


    The greatest Band that ever was
  4. He so deserves this and I am so happy for him. He plays his heart out everytime
  5. i never received a code unless i do not know where to look. I am new to this as well. Joanne
  6. Six days, could not be more pumped. hoping to see you there
    I am super excited for this show> This is my fifth show and my first time at the Rose Bowl. Can not wait to hear this album in person
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