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  1. Little late, but Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all you lovely Zootops, it's gonna be a beautiful year!

  2. Great thread, I'm working on it
  3. Hi beautiful people! Not been around for a while , great thread Paola My song of the day...Yaweh <3
  4. It's going to be an amazing night, can't wait to see the vids tomorrow!
  5. #WhiteOutBelfast #strongerthanfear

    1. Rhi_K


      ONLY LOVE <3

    2. shinelikestarsgirl


      YASSSSS GIRRRRL! (It's Gina!) hehe You're a warrior! Thanks for all the support. LETS.GET.FIREDUPPPP!


    3. Rhi_K


      Hi Gina! If I'm a warrior you're a General, you and Connie must be wiped out!

  6. These ladies have worked their butts off over the past couple of days! Beautiful people
  7. I think she said Gloucester. A county on the west of the U.K., near Bristol and Wales apologies in advance for not knowing how to properly say "Gloucester" =( All i Want is You... yay... Pronounced "Gloster" lol
  8. Bit wetter today, the perks of queuing indoors! Some familiar faces again, lucky folks
  9. U2start post show chat with Bigwave and others https://www.periscope.tv/w/1kvJpNOONWXKE
  10. I missed you Pete! I saw Beck too, we waved in the queue and stood next to her for the show, will you do any more? Gonna do night 6 on Tuesday, probably not going to get there until just before/after doors open, because I've got uni during the day. Still, gotta live in hope... Awesome! I think I've managed to get myself a ticket for 6, just waiting for confirmation, look me up on fb, it's Rhi K Adams
  11. I missed you Pete! I saw Beck too, we waved in the queue and stood next to her for the show, will you do any more?
  12. Also worth mentioning that I have spoken to many people since Mondays show who have been to dozens of previous shows across many tours who have said these are the best they have ever seen
  13. I was at night one and two, it's hard for me to be objective, I had a fantastic time both nights, second night was especially good, Desire and Angel Of Harlem really continued the party atmosphere that Mysterious ways started and got everyone moving with some real feel good factor, Bono was much more engaged with the audience throughout the show and seemed to enjoy it more, I saw far more smiling and laughter from the other band members too (except for Adam who is ALWAYS smiling ). It is harder for me to judge how the new songs came across as I think you have to be able to take in the scr
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