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  1. There are lots of charities for planting trees. There is an African one, I think it is called Trees for The Future, and over here in little old England we have The Woodland Trust. You can have a tree dedicated to you or anyone else for that matter. A tree in a wood is selected and this is dedicated to you. You do not get a plaque on the tree you get a co-ordinate point of where your tree is. This helps to preserve native woodlands. It is a shame that trees have to be cut down as a protest. That's like killing a human in protest, only if you chop a human down you should be done for murder. Trees are of more use to the planet than many humans because they produce oxygen, which we breathe, we provide carbon monoxide which they breathe. The network of veins inside human kidneys looks like a tree. Our nervous system - looks like a tree. We need trees and they need us, although if we go they will still survive. If trees go we will be dust. So instead of sending Xmas cards you could dedicate a tree instead. xox
  2. Try Ramadan for 3 days....really walk a mile in your neighbours' shoes
  3. Aaahh the deep dark black void that threatens to consume you. why do people think that depression is such a bad thing, it is a natural human state to be in especially after a bereavement. Oh dear someone's really happy - must be something wrong with them - do we say this? no!!! So why is it so wrong for someone to feel sad. Embrace your sadness make it your friend, and remember it's just a moment this too shall pass.
  4. just got back from the Celebration Assembly, and Beautiful Day was played 6 times while the children were coming in. I was sat at the back of the hall with three little children who were all under one year old and they were going absolutely nuts for U2! bouncing up and down, clapping their hands, one even started rolling around the floor in time to the music...it was hilarious, and reassuring to know that little children love U2. A great way to end the school week.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of the rich fat cat bank managers can stay stuck in their offices all day while we all enjoy the outdoors, but your idea sounds pretty cool. xoxoxo
  6. :) :) Thanks sweetie, that means a lot especially as you're from Northern Ireland. The class teacher is a Catholic but she always says to the children "that's just my opinion, you have to form your own opinion." It occured to me yesterday, and I mentioned this to her, that we are fortunate to have Muslims in our area, there is quite a high percent in Blackburn, Darwen and Bolton. If a bomb had been planted in this area and several followers of Islam had been killed, it could have been the start of World War III. I wish R.E. had been like this when I was at school. xox
  7. Happiest day of my life so far.... Comments recieved Oh thank you Miss Bolton I never realized how much more there was to Bono. I always thought he was just a rock star, but he is obviously a man of great faith who has fought for peace. You've really opened my eyes. Printed out Sunday Bloody Sunday lyrics..... can I take this home Miss? How many of you have heard of U2?.....blank stares Played opening bars of Beautiful Day on you tube....Miss, miss by grandad listens to this!! Miss look there's Sunday Bloody Sunday link "Well spotted" I said clicked on it and it was the Live From Red Rocks performance...."He's waving the white flag of peace" mentioned Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Make Poverty History, the RED campaign, Nelson Mandela...the film and what happened the night it premiered with Prince William and Kate. Finished by taking them into the next classroom where I had set up Ordinary Love, which they watched glued to the screen How did they do that!!!!! Miss can we watch it again? ("no" from the class teacher) You can watch it on you tube tonight....I informed them I mentioned about Bono losing his grandad and mum in the space of about 10 days and how Ali and U2 saved him. "He could have been a very naughty boy" said the class teacher "but he chose to go down a different path" I feel like I have really done something worthwhile today..... The subject this afternoon was R.E.
  8. Unemployment in Britain and America Bees facing extinction Obesity Apparently it will cost 1.6 billion (not sure if dollars or sterling) if we lost all the bees I am unaware how this figure was arrived at. We would need to go round all the flowers and blooms ourselves to achieve pollination 20 million people in Britain and America at least, classed as unemployed, living off benefits, scroungers. We are not scroungers we want to work and as far as I see it the musicians of the world are paying our benefits NOT the governments If we lose the bees we will go out into the countryside and pollinate - we will take the place of the bees We will be very healthy from all the exercise We will be happy working with nature We will help save the planet and the human race from extinction
  9. I am so sick of people saying to me "cheer up" or "why are you looking miserable?" If I am happy and cheerful they don't say "be miserable! ". "Why are you looking happy?" "You look so pretty when you smile" They don't say "you look ugly when you're miserable" It is impossible to stay happy 24 hours a day It is impossible to stay miserable 24 hours a day I refuse to fake my emotions - my face reflects my emotions I will not paint a fake plastic smile on my face if I am feeling a bit fed up and bored because an authentic emotion makes someone else feel uncomfortable If I am feeling happy I will walk around smiling Someone else can make you laugh Someone else can make you feel miserable A smile and laughter can be infectious Is misery also infectious??? If it is then that is the only reason that I can think of that people say "cheer UP! Because they are afraid I might infect them!!!
  10. As the last one has been archived....starting again.. Neil Young Heart of Gold xxxoooxxx
  11. accept the life that you have...no life is a meaningless effort....start by looking at what you DO have as opposed to what you do not... Are you hungry? Are you Homeless? Are you all alone in the world? Do you have cancer? Are you a paraplegic? Can you see? Can you hear? Can you feel? Can you touch? Can you taste? Can you smell? Can you think? Put on some U2 and don't let the bastards grind you down....xxxoooxxx
  12. How about a lifestories thread....that way we can all know about each other....
  13. What after shave commercial should we put him in xxx
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