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  1. Hi Spongebob - I think you are right about Amsterdam. The clip I saw suggests B tacked it on after the end of the song? I was at Glasgow 1 on I&E tour so bit gutted they did it the following nite. Was at Twick 1 for TJT30 and it did not feature, but got DLBIA with Noel G instead which is even rarer!! I agree that B probably just decides in the moment to throw it in if he is feeling the love in the room - and the band just go with him.
  2. I have a few bootlegs from over the years and love any show where the band does the SLS snippet within WOWY. Always feels like the mark of a very special night. My own personal favourite gig where they did it was the Washington ZOO TV show in 1992 when Edge's guitar solo is sublime. Anyway, I think they have only done it a couple of times on TJT30 tour (Pasadena and Amsterdam?) so far so my question is simply does anyone know the rationale for when the band do it/don't do it? Is it a pre-arranged thing or is it just if they feel like doing it in that moment?
  3. at the start of the US leg of this tour they came out to "a rainy night in Soho" by the pogues but more recently it has been "the whole of the moon" by the waterboys. both of these bands have previously been warm up support acts for U2 in concerts during the 80s. the intro music might well change again when the show hits Europe next month...
  4. thank you for sharing this guide - really looking forward to being there to see the boys again.
  5. Appreciate the track listing of the JT album is there for good reason (aside: sure I read somewhere that Kirsty McColl was very involved in setting that order?) however it would be great if the band shook up that order in the live shows to try and level out the mood killers in the show. I remember before the tour started Edge said they would indeed play the whole album, but not necessarily in sequential Side 1, Track 1 order. So with that in mind, I offer up just for fun my suggested re-ordering for the JT album segment of the live show. I'm not trying to tell a thematic story with this set li
  6. I saw U2 play at Manchester Arena on the Elevation Tour and it is an enormous venue - the largest in Europe I think. As I understand it from the news reports, the bomber blew himself up in the public (foyer) area connecting the venue and the train station. So the challenge is not so much stopping terror-minded people getting into a venue (I think that is largely covered off with bag checks and pat downs), but rather in stopping those people getting close to thousands of fans exiting a venue after a show. Awful and impossible situation to control and RIP to all those people that lost their live
  7. Yes, hang in there a little longer because they are going out all the time. Well worth the wait! They came by regular post (I can't remember if there was an option for signed for post when I got them in pre-sale?) but I was surprised that you can even see the tickets through the window in the envelope! Not a very smart idea to make such desirable tickets so obvious!! Shame there isn't any JT or band imagery on the tickets themselves - they look a bit bland TBH. I know there are the commemorative ones available to buy too so am guessing all the LN/TM creativity has been exhausted on
  8. Yay! For once a genuine thank you to Live Nation/Ticketmaster - my GA tix for Twickenham 1 arrived yesterday. Hopefully this means that everyone will get theirs in plenty of time and so no stresses the week before the shows!
  9. I suspect they will have picked an arbitrary cut-off date (let's say Dec 24th, the day before they made the video announcement re: JT30 tour) and anyone who was a u2.com member at that point in time will be "Red Hill", and anyone who joined u2.com from Dec 25 onwards is in "Wires". Just my theory of course. I might be off with the exact date, but that is tended to be what they have done in the past.
  10. http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-london-08-07-2017/event/1F005226A95E525C?artistid=736365&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1 if you click on the onsale times tab (just to the right of the B&W photo of the band), a pop box comes up with the timings.
  11. according to ticketmaster uk. red hill group (long term subscribers) go into presale first (wed @ 0900 GMT) and wires group can go in 24 hours later. both presales end 1700 GMT on 13/1. General sale 16/1
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