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Image Comments posted by brendo1704

  1. On 8/15/2017 at 10:10 AM, Helbig said:

    Brilliant artwork.

    It's a good laugh.

    I love bono with his shades, two fingers in the air, and the microphone in his other hand. Cool shades, peace to you all. Brilliant.

    The edge I absolutely loved his beanie, and playing guitar. Very cool.

    Adam I love how he is just so serious at his work playing his bass guitar. It is so like adam. Well done.

    And larry I loved larry with his drum, and drumsticks. Yep! He takes his drums everywhere. Brilliant.

    Your artwork is very much like bono, edge, adam and larry, only in a different way. Very well done, you did a very good job. Loved the artwork. :u2-1383: :wub: Karen.

    Adam was the hardest.  


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