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  1. Is there a chance to expect a show in Belgium later?
  2. I'll never forget the first night show. It was my first U2 gig and I m only coming back on earth after 2 days. I was dancing, singing and clapping all the show. Sorry for people behind me, but how is it possible to stay sitted at a U2 show? I loved all the playlist, I appreciated the Sweetest thing & cedarwood road, became creazy on Elevation and was really touched by Iris. It was incredible when all the crowd was singing together "in the name of love...". I even don't talk about the fantastic guitare playing of the Edge. Sure, I'm U2 addict now!
  3. I had to record my presale code 4 or 5 times (maybe more) before to finalize the payment and be able to catch 2 tickets for Antwerp. Belgian TeleticketService is quite capricious! After encoding all the requested informations and the code, I saw a message asking me to record the presale code. I re-encoded the code (and the informations that were all disapeared) but the payment screen wasn't displayed. I repeated then all the procedure but a message was displayed telling me that the mail adress I had recorded was "already known" (what does it mean??) and no ordering was possible. I finally closed all the windows and repeated the procedure encoding another mail adress. After this last attempt, I could proceed to payment. I have received this morning a mail from Teleticket confirming my 2 tickets reservation and payment. Please Bigwave, tell me it's OK.
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