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  1. 49974: Reply to Rhi that when I first saw the SW trailer in the cinema a few months ago, I got tears in my eyes at the Force theme and seeing the Falcon. 49975: Report that my first day of volunteering went well - and all volunteers get a free cuppa in the cafe at break-time
  2. 49969: Spend this evening watching a Star Wars film I've been proudly wearing my SW T-shirt all day. 49970: Celebrate that I have at least one neighbour who is also a SW fan (and was wearing an Empire Strikes Back T-shirt).
  3. May the 4th be with you all... but beware the revenge of the fifth (and sixth!)

  4. 49958: Put the new version of EBW on repeat. 49959: Attempt to hold the long notes as well as Bono does.
  5. 49953: Thank Anj for the warmth. It's at times like this that I'm very grateful for the big, thick fleecy blankets that my sisters each got me for presents last Christmas and birthday.
  6. 49949: Find someone who can fix the boiler for a reasonable price. (Seriously, this is the 5th day that our house has been without heating and hot water, but no-one can come out and fix it until *at least* Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday. I'm just hoping the kettle doesn't pack up as right now that's pretty much the only way we can heat water to wash with)
  7. Feeling slightly sad that the dig is finished, now back to Ancient Greek and exam preparation.

    1. mich40


      Will you get to do another one?

    2. padawanbeck84


      Hopefully yes. I am signed up to hear from Nexus Heritage through the year to know if they are doing any more digs in Shropshire. I may also get to help with digs as part of my new role at Ironbridge.

  8. 49945: Post this article from our local paper's website. It's from before the dig started, but it gives you an idea of the location. There was another article in Friday's edition of the paper, but I can't seem to find that one on the website at the moment. http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2015/04/11/dig-to-reveal-history-of-shropshire-canal/
  9. 49943: Feel sad that the Maesbury Marsh dig has finished. (The couple whose garden we were partly digging in were lovely. Not only did they provide plenty of tea and coffee, but they also helped out with the digging, recording, back-filling etc. Hopefully we'll see them again at another one). 49944: Feel excited to be starting work at Ironbridge on Tuesday.
  10. 49937: Lament that tomorrow is the last day of our dig and will mostly be spent back-filling the trenches once we've finished recording everything. 49938: Report that our dig was featured in an article in Friday's edition of our local newspaper the Shropshire Star. I've cut out the article and kept it. 49939: Congratulate Shrewsbury Town on winning promotion to League One. (At least one of the local football teams has something to smile about! Although in Telford United's defence, most of the Conference Premier teams are ex-league teams with much larger budgets so maybe it's not su
  11. We held an open day at our dig site. Nearly 100 people came to visit, which isn't bad considering we're in the middle of a little village and partially digging in one family's garden. Some of the younger visitors helped me to wash finds. One little boy insisted on trying to wash everything he could find - he even attempted to wash a piece of coal, bless him Mind you, he was only about 4 or 5. It was just lovely to see the enthusiasm and see people of all ages from the local community taking an interest in our work.
  12. 49934: Report that the dig continues to go well with lots of interesting finds - I spent this afternoon helping to clean some of them and we were starting to run out of trays to put them in! (The finds have to be grouped not only by which trench they come from, but also from which layer of the trench which means 3 trenches can need a lot of trays). I'm still a little sunburnt this evening, but not so much. We were visited by A-Level History students from a local college which was nice as they got to try out fieldwork and most of them wanted to stay longer. They were a bit annoyed that they
  13. 49932: Remember to take sun cream to the dig tomorrow. (Today was great, but I'm one of those people who can't seem to tan. I went from pasty, pale skin to partial lobster in about 6 hours)
  14. We had a great first day of the dig at Maesbury Marsh. We got visited by our local radio station, BBC Radio Shropshire and, after interviewing our team leader, the reporter asked if he could talk to some of us volunteers and ended up recording an interview with me! I did my best to sound professional...
  15. 49928: Remain skeptical about any supposed rehearsal lists. What are the chances they'd just leave something like that lying around to be found? 49929: Hopefully find lots of interesting things at the archaeological dig I'm helping out with this week. (We start tomorrow!)
  16. I got a start date for my volunteering work in Ironbridge
  17. 49918: Celebrate getting a start date proper for my volunteer work at Ironbridge
  18. 49911: Agree that we can reach 50k before next month. 49912: Work on TMA 6. 49913: Restrain myself from watching the new Star Wars trailer again until I've drafted part I of TMA 6. 49914: Prepare for next week's 6-day archaeological dig. (Looking forward to this so much!)
  19. I wonder how many U2 fans will be put in Twitter jail today? Enjoying having my say for U2Request!

  20. I'm staying up late tonight especially so I can Tweet the first of my requests once it gets to midnight UK time. Less than 5 hours to go! I think it's great that we've got a chance to let the band know what we want to hear.
  21. I've had my induction at Ironbridge today, going through all the health and safety stuff, regulations etc and am now waiting to hear when I'll start work. I also found out today that my picture is on a leaflet promoting the Oswestry dig that I'll be helping out at! It's a picture from the October dig at Telford Town Park, back when I still had a ponytail.
  22. That would be amazing! As you said, if we don't ask, we don't get. Anything is possible...
  23. I have literally just had a phone-call to say I have been accepted for a volunteering job at a local historical site (Ironbridge) and I have my induction on Friday!
  24. I'd be interested in a Zoo meet-up. For me personally, somewhere like Birmingham would be ideal, but I might be able to get to other places depending on time/date. As you said, some of us may get to meet up at the shows, but an event like this would be more inclusive to those who haven't been able to afford or get hold of tickets as it gives everyone a chance to get together and catch up so that hopefully people won't feel left out.
  25. Unknown Caller. I thought of it while sat in the hospital waiting room at 3.33am this morning and had it in my head all the way home. I had ended up going to A+E as a last resort after being unable to find an emergency dentist for the last 3 days due to it being Easter. Thankfully the A+E staff were able to have a proper look and help me out.
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