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  1. Trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers until I see it at the weekend! *sticks fingers in her ears*

    1. mich40


      Going to see it tomorrow morning. Will hopefully see no spoilers before then.

  2. Getting ready for the Zoo Christmas Exchange :o)

  3. My thoughts are with the people of Paris. I hope U2, their crew and all of the fans there stay safe. Concerts can be rescheduled but people are irreplaceable.

    1. chris1043


      I agree. Great way to put it in words.


    2. pain_18_


      U2 is Alright.

  4. Printed out my London 1 photos, now just need a frame for the best ones.

  5. Happy birthday Larry! And thanks for putting up that 'musicians wanted' notice!

  6. Last night at the O2 was brilliant! Apart from my nearly collapsing, but thanks to the medical for taking care of me. I was let back in nicely in time for Beautiful Day.

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    2. Anjana
    3. padawanbeck84


      I'm fine now, it was just dehydration. I did lots of jumping about but little access to water. They started at about 7.45-8pm.

    4. sazshackle


      it was pretty warm in there, glad ur ok now

  7. 5 sleeps and my local radio station are letting me bring one of their mascots along on the adventure!

    1. joshthetree


      Whats the mascot?

    2. padawanbeck84


      He's a red and green knitted gnome called Geoff. I collected him from the station yesterday.

  8. 6 more sleeps! This is more exciting than waiting for Christmas.

  9. One week! *flails arms and runs around in circles*

  10. 10 sleeps to go! Getting closer!

  11. Only 2 weeks to go! 14 sleeps! *squeal*

  12. 3 weeks and 21 sleeps!

    1. LMM


      It will be here before you know it. Have a good time when you go eh. (((hugs))), Lani

  13. October... needs to hurry up and get here already! Reading about everyone's amazing concert experiences and getting very excited for London!

  14. Happy birthday to our favourite guitarist, the mighty Mr Edge!

  15. Rest in peace Jules Bianchi. Formula 1 has been cruelly robbed of a driver who had so much potential.

    1. ELMARTO


      The number 17 has been retired as a mark of respect

  16. Overjoyed at receiving a delivery of U2 books from a friend in Oz!

    1. Malahide


      Has the wizard of Oz been distributing books again?

    2. padawanbeck84


      I have a wonderful friend in New South Wales who had some U2 books she no longer wanted and sent them to me on the other side of the world - completely free of charge! I'm so utterly grateful to have such amazing friends.

    3. Malahide
  17. Have we all listened to "Breathe" today? I have :)

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    2. big boy

      big boy

      I am flying from aus to Turin . For both shows . I got my seated ticket send to me and the other one is for ground floor and day don't post it day said I pick it up one hour befor show . As this happen to any one ?


    3. pain_18_


      No, I haven't !

    4. inter1


      I collected mine in this fashion in Roma on the Vertigo tour. Worked ok , but missed the guest band...

  18. End-of-module exam done and dusted!

    1. Rhi_K


      Well done! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for a great result for you :)

    2. padawanbeck84


      We'll get our results in mid-July. It was also fun meeting students of other subjects at the exam venue and chatting to them about what they are studying.

  19. Happy birthday Bono!

  20. My copy of "Sons + Fathers" arrived today. It is beautiful.

    1. mich40


      Oh nice! I really want it but to get it the shipping cost as much as the book.


    2. pain_18_


      Yup, it's pretty expensive !!! Enjoy, PadawanBeck !

  21. May the 4th be with you all... but beware the revenge of the fifth (and sixth!)

  22. Feeling slightly sad that the dig is finished, now back to Ancient Greek and exam preparation.

    1. mich40


      Will you get to do another one?

    2. padawanbeck84


      Hopefully yes. I am signed up to hear from Nexus Heritage through the year to know if they are doing any more digs in Shropshire. I may also get to help with digs as part of my new role at Ironbridge.

  23. I wonder how many U2 fans will be put in Twitter jail today? Enjoying having my say for U2Request!

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