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  1. Sounds like you need to get a second keyboard to distract her with. Several writer friends have this issue (mainly with cats) and they put second (unplugged) keyboards on their desks and that seems to work. As for my good thing, I was finally able to get to my local record shop and buy some CDs (and a BluRay) in an actual shop for the first time in 6 months That felt good. And one of the CDs was a surprise find as I wasn't expecting to find it in there. They had Pearl Jam's Live on Ten Legs album and it was reduced down to only £2.99!
  2. 45, 546 - That sounds lovely @pollyanna I've had a new bookcase delivered this week so I'm sorting my books into that. I say new, it's from a charity furniture shop where my Dad volunteers. I donated my 3-shelf bookcase to them as it's being replaced with this huge 6-shelf one
  3. Happy birthday Edge! Thank you for bringing us so many distinctive riffs and sounds and long may that continue. I hope you have a lovely day today.
  4. I had a most excellent evening watching one of my favourite films at the cinema for the first time. Although I may now be talking like Bill and Ted for the next few days
  5. I did my first shift back at the library today. It was only for 2 hours, but it was good to be back - and to see some of the regulars. Although my computer was misbehaving and locked me out of my user area! People brought so many books back today that the quarantine crate for today is overflowing (We have to put books in boxes and each box has a label of when they were brought back, so we know when it will be safe to put them back on the shelves).
  6. 45, 543 - It's been over a week since anyone counted!
  7. I've been able to book tickets for the cinema!! My local cinema is open again on weekends and not only that, but they're showing one of my favourite films "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". I've never seen it on the big screen before so I'm especially excited *air guitar*
  8. 45, 542 - Late-night counting. I stayed up watching a member of our Star Wars trading card group broadcast opening a case of cards (One case = 12 hobby boxes). He pulled some amazing sketches and autographs. The broadcast was made especially amusing by the fact the gentleman broadcasting it sounds *uncannily* like Adam Driver (who plays Kylo Ren in the new trilogy)
  9. I treated myself to 3 new T-shirts while I was shopping today - one Bill and Ted one and 2 Star Wars ones. Because I can never have too many Star Wars T-shirts And one of them features Baby Yoda. Nobody can resist Baby Yoda.
  10. This probably won't mean much to anyone outside the UK and Ireland, but the former footballer and manager Jack Charlton has died aged 85 Along with his brother (now Sir) Bobby, he was part of the England team that won the 1966 World Cup and had success at club level with Leeds United. As a manager, he's probably best known for his achievements with the Republic of Ireland national team in late 80s and early 90s: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53373542
  11. 45, 541 - Lunchtime counting. You know life is getting back to normal when the door-to-door salespeople start coming round again Although my Dad thinks this one may have been a potential distraction burglar He seemed *very* keen to try and come in to measure our windows even though Dad made it clear we don't need any. And the pushy sales tactics are not cool either. We've reported him and put a warning on the local social media page.
  12. 45, 540 - It is a dangerous sport, despite the ongoing efforts to make it safer. My Mum completely stopped watching it in 1994, after Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died in crashes at the Imola circuit. Modern cars are a lot sturdier - drivers can walk away unhurt from crashes that scare the *bleep* out of me watching on TV. It's amazing to watch the skill of the drivers racing and over-taking at those speeds, but you are always aware of the danger. Thankfully, serious injuries and fatalities are extremely rare now because of all the safety work. Since Imola, there's only been one
  13. I was finally able to borrow a new book from the library We are advised to try and keep our visits short, and there's a one-way system, but that particular library is big enough that they haven't had to take out any shelves or anything. And they've made the computer system understand the shut-down, so I *haven't* got a huge fine hanging over me for having books on loan for 3 months
  14. 45, 538 - Monday counting. It was nice to have Formula 1 back over the weekend - the racing was good, even if it looked a bit weird with no fans there. And no-one knows yet how long the season will be. 8 Grand Prix are confirmed, which is the minimum for an official championship, but they're doubling up races at some tracks to even make that happen. And some teams/drivers have *already* had to be reminded about the need to wear masks at all times when out of the car - the Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was doing his TV interview on Saturday with no mask on And I seem to have jinxed
  15. 45, 536 - The UK isn't doing well either - we've got the highest death toll in Europe and we know the government is under-reporting the real figures by at least 20,000 Pubs are re-opening from today, which is a silly idea. People are not going to keep a safe distance when they're drunk - and our police forces are already worried about potential for trouble. Our theatres, music venues etc are in serious trouble, but are not getting anywhere near enough help from the government. Apparently pubs are seen as more important than culture
  16. 45, 534 - I'm well. I've used the time at home to read lots of books and listen to music - including finding some new artists. Staying at home isn't a problem for me as I'm a bit of a hermit anyway
  17. I received a Star Wars sketch card today that I'm really excited to add to my collection. Certain artists are very highly sought-after in our collectors' group and Rob Teranishi is one of those as he has a very distinctive style. So it's a big deal that I've been able to find one of his sketches for a price I can afford - and it's of my favourite character, Poe Dameron
  18. 45, 532 - Welcome back @pollyanna I hope you've been well.
  19. I was able to return my library books today We can't go in and browse the library yet - there is a returns box and you put the books in there, then they get put in quarantine for a few days. The library had only been open for about an hour when I got there and the box was nearly full already. Clearly we've all been reading a lot during lockdown. From next week, some libraries will be doing a click and collect-type borrowing service so we'll be able to have some new reading material
  20. 45, 530 - It has been so cold today I nearly put the heating on! Tomorrow I will *finally* be able to return some of my library books Although we can't borrow any until next week. Partly because the returned books have to be put in quarantine, but also because library staff don't want everyone crowding in at once. It's a gradual reopening, but we're nearly getting back to normal.
  21. I received my fan club DVD set this morning. Between this and the BBC Glastonbury archive, I'm having a pretty rocking weekend (Although it would be even better if my headphones worked properly. I shall have to go back and watch Foo Fighters again once I have a new pair with sound in *both* ears )
  22. 45, 528 - Over-heated counting It's so hot the thermometer in our lounge can't cope either It only goes up to 26 C and we've been above that pretty much all week. We did have a nice loud thunderstorm this morning, but it was only a short one and hasn't helped cool things down.
  23. 45, 525 - It's about 25 degrees here @Malahide - we'll need to find the suncream! I'm glad I went out today and not later in the week, as I'm not good with high temperatures. Although it is rather shocking to see how few people are wearing masks in my local area. They're compulsory on buses, but at the supermarket, hardly anyone else was wearing one
  24. 45, 523 - More night-time counting. I haven't been further than the garden for 3 months, but will be venturing out tomorrow. Not going to lie, I'm a bit nervous. On the upside, I have some gloves and a home-made mask to wear. Let's just hope it holds together - sewing is not normally my forte
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