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  1. 45, 404 - The weather has been rubbish here too. We need *good* weather to help the flooded areas dry out!
  2. 45, 402 - Late-night counting. I went to see my best friend today as it's her birthday. We always laugh ourselves silly
  3. 45, 401 - Chilled out afternoon counting. Another nursery school class came into the library today for a story-telling session. And tidied up after themselves Now if we could just get the *big* kids into the same good habits...
  4. We could do with some of that sunshine over here @Manohlive - we've got a second round of flooding at the moment in towns that have barely had time to clear up from last week's floods
  5. 45, 395 - Just some basic shop's own-brand ones that I got from Asda. They're also nice and light-weight. Large, heavy headphones hurt my ears.
  6. I have new headphones - and they've passed the "Does Streets sound epic?" test I had to get them to replace another pair where the cable had got so twisted, the outer cover had cracked and exposed the actual wire Then the pair I bought on Friday had a component loose in the right ear which meant the sound wasn't working in that ear. But we took that pair back this morning, swapped them and the new ones are fine. So I can carry on rocking
  7. 45, 393 - Adding another number while I dance in my chair - the new headphones are sounding good
  8. 45, 391 - Getting closer to a big round number
  9. 45, 388 - I watched the final episode last night. So good. I'm going to have to buy it on disc.
  10. 45, 386 - Evening counting as Spotify shuffles round to my favourite piece of Star Wars soundtrackage "Duel of the Fates". I feel an urgent need to grab a ruler and start acting out the lightsabre duel from this scene (Also, is it sad that I know the words and can sing this even though it's in Sanskrit?)
  11. 45, 385 - Lunchtime counting while I start my next library book. I'm very glad I don't live near a river right now. Whole chunks of the county are underwater and some of the flood defence systems are struggling to cope. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad before.
  12. My good thing for today is that I got the loan extended on one of my library books even though I've had all 3 of the renewals that are normally allowed. Said book was due back today, but getting it to one of the specified libraries is impossible. Travel in many parts of Shropshire is being massively affected by flooding Anyone wanting to go to Shrewsbury at the moment should travel in a boat rather than attempting it by car Thank goodness for all of the emergency services, volunteers etc helping to evacuate people and keep them safe.
  13. Sad news to wake up to this morning. Rest in Peace Harry Gregg. Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland goalkeeper and one of the survivors of the Munich air disaster. He managed to rescue several people from the wreckage, including some of his team-mates. He achieved a lot on the field, but will forever be remembered for his bravery that day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51400376
  14. I never watched any of her programmes, but it's horrible how the tabloids do that - pick someone and just constantly bully them without any thought for the impact that the lies and negativity have on that particular person. I also find it sickening how the same media people/outlets who wrote/published the bullying articles are now gushing about how tragic her death is. Do they not stop to think that they played a part in causing it??? Every tabloid journalist in this country needs to take a long, hard look at themselves in the bathroom mirror tonight.
  15. 45, 384 - Counting on a horrible, rainy morning.
  16. 45, 382 - Sneaking another number in just before dinner. And awarding myself my annual Valentine's gift of renewing my fan club subscription
  17. 45, 380 - To be fair, my Dad doesn't complain very often about my music. If he dislikes something so badly, he can always press the 'OFF' button He *does* like U2, so that's the important thing
  18. 45, 378 - I like to make mix CDs on my computer for listening to in the car. Although my Dad doesn't always like my taste in music I'm currently putting a CD together of favourite Nirvana and Foo Fighters songs. Not sure what Dad will make of those - although he *does* like Weird Al Yankovic's Nirvana parody - despite never (as far as I know) having actually heard Teen Spirit itself
  19. 45, 376 - Keeping the counting going while I listen to "So Cruel". Spotify says I haven't love-hearted this song... I'm fairly sure I have. Several times
  20. 45, 373 - It was quite bad here. I'm glad I didn't have to travel anywhere yesterday as most train services through our region were cancelled, Trees down, floods, all sorts of mayhem. There's also been snow in some places today.
  21. 45, 371 - Counting on a horrible, stormy Sunday.
  22. That's OK @Manohlive We all need to vent sometimes And that is lovely about RiRi and Invisible. Dogs can often sense when we're not well, physically and/or mentally. I don't know how, but they can. My sister's dogs always wanted to sit with her or try and get on the sofa with her when she was going through the worst of her recent health problems. Maybe it's because they've been around humans for thousands of years now, that's made dogs such caring animals. We've got horrendous weather here too at the moment - I'm counting it as my good thing for today that our garden fence is still standing!
  23. Listening to my favourite radio show this evening and they have played not one, but TWO U2 songs "Streets" and "Two Hearts Beat as One" to be precise, which is especially cool as I can't remember having heard "Two Hearts" on the radio before. Mika is an Alaskan Malamute cross, so she's a pretty big dog - and in her case, she's also overweight. She overeats due to an anxiety issue - her previous owner neglected her and, even though she's been owned by my sister and her family for several years now, she's never quite got used to the fact that in their house, she has regular feeding times. She even used to nose about in the kitchen bin, but they've got her out of that habit now. Although she still tries to eat the cats' food sometimes She's such a loving, affectionate dog, it boggles the mind why anyone would have mistreated her so badly.
  24. I miss having a dog. On the upside, every time I go over to my sister's house, their dogs make up for it. Mika and Luna make such a fuss over me, it can take a good minute to get through the door. I think part of it is also because, facially, Mika looks very much like our old dog, so of course I'm soft on her. Even if she does sometimes forget that she's a large dog and very heavy when she tries to sit on me on the sofa. Either that, or she's trying to copy the cats
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