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  1. I had a fun evening at record group - and found some new music to explore. I'd heard *of* Nightwish before, but hadn't heard any of their songs. I liked the one I heard tonight for starters
  2. 45, 368 - Evening counting before I watch the latest episode of "Good Omens". And of course it's got me itching to re-read the book.
  3. 45, 366 - The library was so quiet today that I read over 200 pages of my current book
  4. 45, 363 - Afternoon counting. The library was a mess when I went in this morning, but I did eventually get it tidy.
  5. 45, 362 - Late-night counting while I try and avoid annoying relatives who are gloating about Brexit all over Facebook I don't see it as something to celebrate at all - it makes us look small-minded to the rest of the world But whatever happens, I will keep counting
  6. 45, 361 - This number sounds like it could be the sequel to that tour. Or maybe a road you travelled to get to a show
  7. 45, 359 - @caz63 Shrewsbury were 2-0 down - including having scored an own goal. When they got one back, we thought that was a good effort. When they got the equaliser, me and my dad were jumping around the room The last few minutes were very nervous, hoping Liverpool wouldn't nick a late winner. And this morning, I was listening to the tennis commentary from Australia - well done Rafa Nadal 🎾
  8. 45, 357 - Hi @caz63 I'm over the moon that Shrewsbury Town drew with Liverpool to take them to a replay in the FA Cup. I don't think our local radio commentators have any voice left after that comeback
  9. I'm in shock and I don't even follow basketball. Kobe Bryant was one of those players that even non-fans like me had heard about - he had *that* much of an impact. Horrible, horrible news. We haven't even finished January yet and already the Grim Reaper needs to take a break. I hope this year isn't going to turn out like 2016, where it seemed like we lost someone every week
  10. 45, 355 - The radio show did not play U2. Although they *did* finish with one of my favourite Muse songs and I turned it up very loudly And @Frankaz I can sympathise about the long bus journeys - it's a similar situation round here.
  11. 45, 353 - Chilled out evening counting while I listen to my favourite radio show. I wonder if they'll play any U2? 🤔
  12. 45, 349 - Musical morning counting while I listen to my new releases playlist on Spotify. For once, it's mainly made up of artists I actually *like* - did they all deliberately get together and decide to all have new music out today? The list starts with Ricky Martin, then goes on to Inhaler, Pearl Jam. David Bisbal, Birds of Tokyo and now it's just shuffled round to Foo Fighters. My music taste is nothing if not varied.
  13. 45, 347 - Today it was so foggy round my way that travelling on the bus was quite spooky. At times, we could barely see 10 metres in front of the bus and it looked like everything had just disappeared Very glad I had my hi-vis jacket with me.
  14. Yes, very sad news about Terry Jones. But at least his work will live on and keep entertaining us for as long as footage and memories survive.
  15. 45, 344 - Today has been lovely. While walking home, I noticed that there are green shoots already visible - the first signs of the daffodils growing
  16. 45, 342 - Night-time counting while I listen to "Stuck in a Moment..."
  17. 45, 340 - Saturday counting while I finish another library book.
  18. Rest in Peace Christopher Tolkien. And thank you from all of us Middle-Earth nerds for helping to bring us so many of your father's stories that would probably otherwise have stayed locked in an archive somewhere. Funnily enough, I have "The Fall of Gondolin" on loan from the library at the moment. I may well read that next now. https://www.theonering.net/torwp/2020/01/16/107518-christopher-tolkien-passes-away-at-the-age-of-95/
  19. 45, 338 - More happy counting as Shrewsbury Town won their FA Cup replay and get to play Liverpool in the 4th round Although it will present a dilemma in terms of coverage. It'll be on TV, but the BBC/Match of the Day commentators won't go anywhere *near* as barmy as our local radio commentator will if Shrewsbury score
  20. 45, 336 - Happy counting as my latest reservation arrived at the library. At least I *know* I haven't already got this one
  21. 45, 334 - Morning counting. Good to see you back @Frankaz Hopefully this year will be better.
  22. My local BBC radio station started and ended this evening's 6-8 Saturday night show with Rush songs by way of tribute. I have to admit that, while I'd heard of the band, I'm not very familiar with their actual music - it's quite possible, those two songs are the first two of theirs I've ever heard. And I liked them, so now I shall investigate further
  23. 45, 332 - Happy counting. Was it in here or the "Good Things" thread where one of you shared Adam Driver's SNL sketch with Kylo Ren doing his own edition of "Undercover Boss"? I now have a sketch card of his technician character from that sketch
  24. 2 good things for today (well, technically the first one started yesterday): 1) A local supermarket donates unsold food to community groups, with each group having certain days to collect the food from the shop. Dad and I went last night to collect whatever there was for our group. (We don't know in advance exactly what or how much food there will be). Piles and piles of unsold Christmas treats Some of which are good well into 2021 and the Panettone cakes are good until summer. But because Christmas is over, the shop doesn't want them. There was also a pallet-load of hundreds of mince pies, but we had to turn those down as there was no more space left in Dad's car! We delivered the food to the community centre this morning, and even as we were going back to the car to fetch another trolley-load, people were already putting money in the donation box so they could have a Panettone. We got given so many of those that we were also able to give 8 to family and neighbours. Other days, we get loads of veg that they can use for making the meals they sell. It's a really great scheme and so much better for everyone than just throwing the food away. 2) The second good thing is that I received some sketches that I bought on Tuesday from a Star Wars artist. I'm not sure if it was in here or the counting thread that someone posted the Adam Driver SNL sketch clip where Kylo did his own version of "Undercover Boss"? One of the sketches is his character "Matt the technician" from that The other is a sketch of my favourite character Poe Dameron - and although I couldn't afford to buy it, the artist also included a free colour print of Kylo Ren from the newest film, which was really kind of him.
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