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  1. 39, 867 - Sunny afternoon counting. And slightly sombre as the F1 community remembers Jules Bianchi
  2. 39, 864 - Awesome @pollyanna I have the live version of Trip Through Your Wires from the new Joshua Tree set in my headphones.
  3. 39, 861 - British Grand Prix, Wimbledon men's final AND a new Doctor Who... counting on a very eventful day
  4. 39, 859 - Adding another number before the British Grand Prix coverage starts @illumination70 Best wishes to your mum.
  5. 39, 854 - Can you paint something U2-related on your friend's house
  6. 39, 847 - He's Dutch. I know him through the U2 Friends FB group. I don't know if he's here in the Zoo, or if he is, I don't know his Zoo name. That's one of the things I love about the U2 community, the fact that we make friends all over the world through this band. Online, at concerts and fan events, there's a great social aspect
  7. 39, 844 - Yep. I don't know if Michel Pas is here in the Zoo, but one of the reasons we made friends on FB, other than U2, is that he and his wife are big F1 fans. Saturday at Twickenham was fun in the GA line as a guy near me was watching Austrian GP qualifying on his phone and then I was relaying results to Michel and Cariene a little bit further down the line. Always have to keep informed about the F1! I've not long finished watching FP1 from Silverstone
  8. 39, 841 - Nope, he was driving something much faster Here's a clip (hoping it posts OK).
  9. 39, 838 - Adding another number to the collection. Watching clips from the F1 London event yesterday and you have to love Daniel Ricciardo. Drivers were told *not* to do doughnuts... but he did them anyway and insisted it was "controlled sliding"
  10. I received a parcel of trading cards from a friend in Australia. I now only need one card to complete my Star Wars 40th Anniversary base set
  11. 39, 834 - Evening counting while lamenting that both Murray and Djokovic are out of Wimbledon. It's never nice to see players have to retire injured
  12. 39, 830 - Possibly because many Zootops are at concerts and far too busy bouncing around to "Streets" Or maybe they're worried that we might bite? We don't bite in the counting thread... new counters are always welcome!
  13. I went to my local comic shop and bought 5 comics - but only had to pay for 4 thanks to an offer
  14. 39, 824 - There are probably some people who would actually buy it too! (I actually quite like NLOTH)
  15. 39, 820 - I bought the khaki green one. I did think about the red one, but green goes better with the rest of my wardrobe. Several people complimented me on it at Tai Chi class this lunchtime so I'm feeling very fashionable today
  16. 39, 818 - Monday morning counting while rocking my nice new tour T-shirt
  17. 39, 816 - No, the only people on stage last night were VIPS before the show. Bono didn't bring anyone up during the set itself. Although several people may have *felt* like trying a stage invasion when Bono was pole-dancing round his mic stand during Exit. That caused quite a stir... and *lots* of screaming.
  18. 39, 814 - Now I just have to see how long it takes the supposedly "permanent" marker pen to come off my hands I'm not sure Bono could see it as it was pretty dark by the time they got to Exit, but I had to try the "Hands of Love" idea as suggested on FB, especially as I was pretty much right in front of Bono's mic stand, about 5 rows back. Great spot to be, great view and a decent view of the Tree stage too. I swear Noel could see me during his support slot.
  19. 39, 811 - Getting back to counting now that I'm home. An unbelieveable couple of days. And my dad effectively got the concert for free as he parked near the stadium, sat on a wall and listened to the whole thing! He even saw someone recording the sound
  20. Twickenham was amazing! 

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    2. padawanbeck84


      I saw several people in Pop T-shirts. You would have approved of them :D

    3. Frankaz


      Sure would! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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  21. 39, 783 - Adding one last number before I go to bed. Not sure if I'll be able to sleep with all this excitement
  22. 39, 781 - Evening counting while I check and double-check everything ready for travelling down to London. I will be offline until Sunday. I wonder if you'll have counted all the way to 39,800 by then?
  23. 39, 776 - Late night counting now that I've done today's editing. The computer has behaved impeccably *and* Rafa Nadal won his Wimbledon match
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