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  1. 39, 233 - Typical rainy British bank holiday counting (Also, Happy 50th Birthday Noel Gallagher!)
  2. 39, 223 - Sad-faced counting as Fernando Alonso's engine just blew up with 25 laps to go in the Indy 500 He was doing so well and had a real chance to win. Let down yet again by a Honda engine.
  3. I will look out for Joshua in the GA line at Twickenham. I'm enjoying following his adventures on FB and Twitter. It shows yet again how the U2 fandom is a big global family.
  4. 39, 222 - Having a motorsport day today. Watched the Monaco GP earlier and now following the Indy 500 via the BBC Sport website. Fernando Alonso is absolutely smashing it at the moment - 1st attempt at this race and he's battling away at the front! Vamos Nano!
  5. 39, 186 - You don't know! You don't get it do you?
  6. 39, 183 - I'm still in my pyjamas, having a lazy start to Sunday - although now I've got "Boots" going round my head
  7. 39, 163 - We were supposed to have thunderstorms round my way today, but they didn't happen. I'm a bit disappointed as I like thunderstorms
  8. 39, 161 - I will be spending next Sunday (4th) at a sci-fi convention so it should certainly be a fun birthday
  9. It must be so difficult for the team to process that they won't see him again. I've noticed Max Verstappen has a tribute on his helmet this weekend too.
  10. 39, 157 - I received a birthday present today! A parcel was delivered and I was confused at first - I haven't ordered anything from Amazon lately. Then I realised it's my birthday next week. Presumably it's from my best friend as we have a tradition of sending each other gifts from each other's Wishlist.
  11. 39, 148 - They were originally published a couple of decades ago, then in the last few years, new editions have been brought out. Great for passing the time on road trips Weather update from my part of the world: I'm melting.
  12. 39, 142 - I have an I-Spy Car Badges book - and the Trabby is listed as one of the cars I must try and find. It's one of the higher-scoring ones too
  13. 39, 138 - Monaco is an oddity indeed. It's such a low-speed circuit that the Trabby could probably win!
  14. 39, 136 - Today will confuse me. Friday of an F1 Grand Prix weekend and we've already had practice... Why does Monaco have to be such an oddity?
  15. 39, 109 - Evening counting now that it's cooling down. Having to wear smart clothes to work in hot weather is not pleasant
  16. 39, 080 - Late night count to congratulate Manchester United on winning the Europa League final. Some happiness for the city at least. I listened to the match on the radio and the atmosphere sounded amazing. Not sure how the Ajax fans were allowed to bring flares into the stadium though...
  17. 39, 069 - Designating this one as the Nicky Hayden tribute count (His bike carried number 69 when he won his MotoGP title)
  18. I'm sure the F1 community will pay some sort of tribute at this weekend's Monaco GP.
  19. 39, 050 - Halfway to another of those nice round numbers
  20. I read that on the news this morning at the same time as I heard about the Manchester attack. I know he'd been in an accident and was critically ill, but it was still a shock that he'd died. We're big motorsport people in our house, mainly F1, but my dad and I follow the various motorbike categories as much as we can too. He will be deeply missed. It's been a horrible day for news all round, hasn't it?
  21. 39, 043 - Maybe they're waiting for the 30th anniversary of Pop. They always said the album was a bit unfinished, maybe by 2027 they'll actually be happy with it
  22. 39, 028 - Sorting books on to a new bookcase is very therapeutic. Then I come back and find people on social media trying to use last night as an excuse to spout racism and hatred At least here in the counting thread, it is a safe, pleasant space
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