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  1. 38, 396 - "I Will Follow" just started playing as I logged in - clearly Spotify knows which website I'm on
  2. 38, 393 - Early evening counting. I have to say, these lighter evenings are confusing me now we've changed the clocks to summer-time. I keep thinking it's earlier!
  3. 38, 391 - Starting the day with good news - my latest assignment has been marked and it's my highest score of the module so far!
  4. 38, 390 - Thank you Tan. One sleepy last number of the day from me.
  5. 38, 387 - Pleased to report it's nice and sunny here too Starting the week off with some music from my 'Latin' playlist to fit the summery mood.
  6. Of all the April Fool's I saw yesterday, I have to say that one was the best
  7. 38, 385 - Some afternoon counting now that I've been out to my favourite comic shop - and I got one for free
  8. 38, 383 - Well, they do say retro clothes are back in fashion
  9. 38, 381 - She. My tutor is a lady At least with the essay done, I can catch up on the next unit. I'm now on to languages and costume from across the Roman empire.
  10. 38, 379 - The main thing is that I answered the question so that's a good start. My tutor tends to mark and return assignments very quickly so I'll know soon enough!
  11. 38, 377 - Nearly half one in the morning but my assignment has been completed and sent in!!! It's probably a waffly pile of rubbish, but at least I can move on to the next section now
  12. 38, 376 - 9.30pm and I'm still working on my essay. Fully prepared to pull an all-nighter if that's what it takes to get it finished!
  13. 38, 375 - Afternoon counting. Fingers crossed I can finally get my essay finished and sent in today.
  14. 38, 373 - A relaxed spot of evening counting now that I'm home from yoga class
  15. 38, 371 - Thank you Malahide. It's slow progress, but I'm getting there.
  16. 38, 368 - Late night counting before I go to bed. Goodnight fellow Zootops
  17. 38, 366 - Good afternoon I was awarded the further extension and have had some new ideas for my essay while at the library. Feeling much more confident about it now
  18. 38, 363 - 10.40pm and it's not going to be done tonight I've emailed my tutor to ask for a small further extension until Tuesday. I shall go to bed and try again tomorrow. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help.
  19. 38, 361 - Evening post as I try to get my essay completed. I've told my tutor it will be in by the end of today... looking at the clock I'm not so sure
  20. 38, 359 - That is a lovely Joshua Tree!! Well done
  21. 38, 356 - I remembered the additional posting options... but that pic turned out a bit bigger than I expected. Whoops!
  22. 38, 355 - Let's see if the picture of BB-8 will post...
  23. 38, 354 - I finished colouring in Padme Amidala yesterday I would post a photo if I could remember how to do them on here...
  24. The only things getting wounded are the boring-some time and the conventional, scholastic art-style floating around.... , Malahide. 38 339 38, 341 - I look forward to seeing the JT drawing. I'm currently doing a Star Wars colour-by-numbers book - that's about the limit of my arty "skills"
  25. 38, 336 - And it's the first weekend of the new Formula 1 season!!
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