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  1. 38, 116 - Adding another number before I log off to watch the FA Cup replay. Hopefully the football will be more cheerful than today's coursework - which was on the topic of cemeteries and funerary practices in Pompeii.
  2. 38,113 - Late lunchtime counting. I'm feeling back to normal now
  3. 38, 108 - popping in to add a late number. Feeling a bit wobbly after a long train journey!
  4. 38, 097 - Grey and cloudy here too, but at least it's not raining
  5. 38, 090 - Saturday is fantastic for counting Which reminds me, I haven't put my music on yet!!! I shall remedy that immediately.
  6. 38, 084 - Went out shopping today and found the starter set for a new Star Wars trading card collection. It "fell" into my trolley... totally by accident of course
  7. 38, 082 - Counting while listening to "Babyface". Got to love a bit of Zooropa
  8. 38, 078 - I've been on library duty today. But now I'm home so I can get on with counting
  9. 38, 071 - Good evening/night. Coursework has fried my brain for today. Unwinding with some music and then a well-earned sleep.
  10. 38, 069 - Late lunchtime counting while listening to "Binary Sunset" from the Star Wars soundtrack. Such a beautiful piece of music
  11. 38, 061 - I'm awarding myself a small break from coursework for a couple of hours
  12. 38, 058 - Still doing the last bits of my essay. It will get sent in today, then I get to move on to Pompeii
  13. 38, 056 - My essay is finally almost done and I'll be glad to see the back of it.
  14. 38, 054 - Mostly cloudy here, but the sun is doing it's best to shine through
  15. 38, 050 - Oooh, that sounds fun! Which one is it? Is it "The Scottish Play"?
  16. 38, 036 - Adding one last number before I go to bed. As much as I'd like to stay up late listening to music, I have to be up early in the morning. Goodnight fellow Zootops!
  17. 38, 034 - a healthy evening dose of counting while dancing in my chair to a Carlos Vives live album
  18. 38, 027 - Back from some Friday shopping. Also popped into another local library and found a Star Wars book I haven't read yet With any luck, my essay should be finished by the end of this weekend.
  19. 38, 021 - Back from the library, doing a bit of work on my essay before dinner.
  20. 38, 017 - Good morning Zootops! How are we all today?
  21. 38, 014 - Taking a break from coursework. Trying to deal with sources is doing my head in - although I do now have BB-8 sitting on my desk for encouragement. Maybe I'll try explaining it to him...
  22. 38, 011 - Taking a lunch break at the half-way point of my essay. Next step is to put the actual quotes and references in, all proper and academic
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