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  1. 38, 354 - I finished colouring in Padme Amidala yesterday I would post a photo if I could remember how to do them on here...
  2. The only things getting wounded are the boring-some time and the conventional, scholastic art-style floating around.... , Malahide. 38 339 38, 341 - I look forward to seeing the JT drawing. I'm currently doing a Star Wars colour-by-numbers book - that's about the limit of my arty "skills"
  3. 38, 336 - And it's the first weekend of the new Formula 1 season!!
  4. 38, 333 - "Three thirty three, when the numbers... fell off the clock-face"
  5. 38, 329 - A nice warm and sunny Friday round my way And I'm finally making progress on my assignment!
  6. 38, 327 - Is it possible to "restart and... reboot" the whole world? It feels like it's all gone horribly wrong lately In happier news, I finished my current library book and brought home another one. One of the perks of working at a library is that I will never be short of new reading material
  7. 38, 323 - Morning counting while I try to avoid the British media and their obsession with dissecting yesterday's Westminster attack in every gruesome detail. Why can't they just stick to reporting the simple facts? We don't need the endless minute-by-minute updates - and we certainly don't need the racist idiots who are already using it as an excuse to fuel more hatred
  8. 38, 318 - To paraphrase The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... I can never get the hang of Thursdays... Except the bit where I'm in the library. That part of Thursdays that makes sense!
  9. 38, 312 - Beautiful words, Hestia I've had to ask for a small extension on my assignment until the end of the weekend. I'm just not going to get it finished by tomorrow lunchtime. (And why do they always have to be finished on a Thursday anyway? It seems an odd day of the week to choose for deadlines)
  10. 38, 307 - Evening counting while I ponder how to fit all the necessary points into my assignment... I really don't like word limits!
  11. 38 302 Did you listen to *POP* too? 38, 303 - Not while studying, but now you've mentioned it, I'm going to put it on to start the morning with some Discotheque dancing
  12. 38, 296 - Taking a break from my assignment to count
  13. 38, 283 - I've corrected my post from yesterday - I didn't realise it had posted twice!
  14. 38, 278 - Whoops! My previous post went through twice due to internet issues. Corrected it now to get us back on track.
  15. 38, 276 - Quickly popping in to count before dinner!
  16. Yayyy!! 38, 270 - The mere mention of Hawkmoon makes me want to listen to it. So I will... (Sorry David Bisbal, but I'll carry on listening to you *after* I've rocked out to Hawkmoon )
  17. 38, 265 - Drinking a nice healthy glass of milk after having watched the football scores come in And trying *not* to make any jokes about Accrington Stanley I still feel obliged to pronounce it in a Scouse accent... thanks a lot 1980s milk advert!
  18. 38, 258 - And now it's dinner time Starting to type up my latest assignment and I'm determined not to have any stress with this one.
  19. 38, 256 - Adding another number before I go and have lunch
  20. 38, 252 - Thanks everyone. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
  21. 38, 249 - Counting now that I'm home from the library - with a Star Wars R2-D2 Easter egg As a volunteer, I don't get wages, but the Parish Council staff still wanted to thank me for helping to renovate the library last week. And they knew I'm a big Star Wars fan.
  22. 38, 238 - A spot of coursework this morning then off to the library later
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