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  1. 37, 778 - Had a good day at the library. I borrowed 3 books for myself because that was the only way to make room for 2 big books being returned!
  2. 37, 774 - about to have an early lunch and then get ready for my volunteer shift at the library. My favourite part of the week - I could do with a badge that says "Ninja book-sorter"
  3. I went for a very enjoyable long walk today with a local walking group - and we stopped off for a cup of tea in a local cafe. We got very muddy, but at least no-one slipped over
  4. @tan_lejos_tan_ cerca - I believe you meant to post these in the "Action Thread" ? 37, 770 - Finished another section of my coursework.
  5. 37, 769 - Went on my regular walk with a local walking group today. We got very muddy, but these walks make great tour training Now, it's back to coursework to see if I can finish section 2.5 this evening.
  6. 37, 733 - The archaeology team walk was very good, some interesting industrial-era building remains that we will hopefully be allowed to investigate further later in the year (when the weather is better!).
  7. 37, 722 - Thank you. Tomorrow I'm going on a walk with my fellow archaeology volunteers to look at a potential excavation site Hope you have a lovely week too!
  8. 37, 719 - feeling very chilled out after my evening Tai Chi class.
  9. I'm going - and found out today that some old school friends of mine will also be joining me in the GA line I'm also pondering making a sign to hold up if I'm near the front. On one side, it will say "Play Spaceman" to request that Noel plays the Oasis B-side "D'Yer Wanna be a Spaceman?" and then the flip side will say "Shine Like Stars". But then if I'm holding a sign, I can't clap and wave my arms... Maybe if I put the sign on a string so I can hold it up above my head but still keep it attached to me... ? Not sure yet. I will keep pondering...
  10. 37, 689 - Listening to "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" and dancing along in my chair
  11. I have literally just found out via FB that 2 old school friends of mine will be at Twickenham too! We might have a mini-reunion in the GA line
  12. 37,687 - feeling a bit down as transport issues mean I can't get to today's tabletop gaming group meet-up I shall have to settle for playing X-Wings against myself.
  13. 1 so far - 25th October 2015. 8th of July at Twickenham will double my tally
  14. 37, 685 - Post to celebrate that I finished the Pliny section of my coursework and am now up to date
  15. 37, 679 - Taking a break from reading Pliny's whiny letters. He seems not to have been able to do *anything* without asking Trajan first...
  16. 37, 676 - one last post before I log off for the night.
  17. 37, 671 My coursework is nearly completed for the day!
  18. 37, 665 - I'm going to have to get back to my coursework now. My lunch break was only meant to be half an hour... oops
  19. I finally found the 2-disc remastered edition of "War" at a sensible price I could afford... and bought it!
  20. 37, 663 There was a thread in the run-up to IETour "50,000 Things to do Before the Tour Starts". I feel I may need to start a new version of that
  21. Way to go!!!! *hugs* I feel like I should give virtual hugs to everyone today - everyone who got a ticket, consolation hugs to those who didn't... I'm just relieved at managing to get accommodation sorted out for Twickers already. It took most of the day, but finally found somewhere that's both local to the stadium *and* within my limited budget. Thank goodness for B+Bs
  22. I couldn't find much detail either. Arriving on the day of the concert is a risk - what if the coach(es) get stuck in traffic or another incident on the motorway? I've got GA and plan to travel down on the Friday so I can get there stress-free and be in line early Saturday morning.
  23. I'm calling my Twickenham tickets a late Christmas present! Great, positive way to start the year.
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