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  1. Original is on the bottom with "Wahlberg." Credit to whoever did this first on Facebook. Sorry, I had to make my own version!!
  2. I was at MSG also, July 18 and 19. I texted my friend who also went "Happy U2 Anniversary!"
  3. imagine I'm clicking a "like" button
  4. I checked and you are still in my friends list. Sorry to hear you lost your job. good to know and thanks!
  5. Very very sorry to read about the job... let's hope this is momentary (and not because of the membership)... Some of the board functions are exclusive to paid accounts - including the ability to send them PMs and check their profiles... as long as they keep you as a friend, they should remain on your friend list... If you need to contact anyone on the moderation team (or all of us), you could do it here on the board (either by posting in a thread relevant to your inquiry or opening a new one) or you could contact us on our twitter account (@U2comZooMods)... Good luck and all the be
  6. I was a paying subscriber but lost my job. Now I'm going back to school so I cannot afford to pay for a new membership right now. The strange thing is, I cannot view my Zoo Friends' profiles. They have been linked to my profile since I joined 2 yrs ago (when I paid). So they're not my friends anymore? I click on their profile and get a message that says I do not have permission to view it. I cannot email them because I'm not a paying subscriber? Just checking if this is how it's supposed to be. Thanks.
  7. AWWWWW!!! Thank you!! Love it even more now. They're simply amazing.
  8. really? thanks. lucky you!!
  9. THIS is what I love too
  10. I just found it tonight.... became a bigger fan 2 years ago and still have not heard everything. Better late than never. I LOVE this song. The comments say it's a cover. I wonder by who. Time to research.
  11. Sorry it's not all of it. I forgot to finish it!!!
  12. at my doctor's office. I took pics of the article with my phone - but not all of it as I was interrupted by my doc actually being on time :-(
  13. The release of the Paris dvd is around the time last year when I got my 2nd night (re-sale) tickets for the July NY show at the last minute.... wish I could go back in time and attend the shows again. Is there going to be a second "experience" tour? I hope so!

    1. Malahide


      I know the feeling. Got my tickets for the second Antwerp show only five days before the show.

    2. pain_18_


      I;m skipping this one and probably SOE too...... TOO expensive for me.......!!!!

    3. joshthetree


      More dates yea

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