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  1. imagine I'm clicking a "like" button
  2. The release of the Paris dvd is around the time last year when I got my 2nd night (re-sale) tickets for the July NY show at the last minute.... wish I could go back in time and attend the shows again. Is there going to be a second "experience" tour? I hope so!

    1. Malahide


      I know the feeling. Got my tickets for the second Antwerp show only five days before the show.

    2. pain_18_


      I;m skipping this one and probably SOE too...... TOO expensive for me.......!!!!

    3. joshthetree


      More dates yea

  3. Have a great day everyone!

  4. thanks for the info. Can I ask something? A bluray cannot be played in a regular dvd player, right? We would have to buy a whole new machine just to play the bluray? That would not be good :-( If that is the case, I am not getting it. I really hope they release a dvd.
  5. U2 and relaxation mix !!!

    1. chris1043


      A little late. Lol. I never saw this before.

  6. trying to be positive with my posts. Have a good day everyone

  7. ...and now Celine Dion's late husband has died of cancer

    1. pain_18_


      And Grizzly Adams.

  8. Happy New Year everyone!!

    1. pain_18_


      Happy New Year, Chris !

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    2. pain_18_


      LIVE from Syracuse version !


    3. chris1043


      :-) Thanks and Merry Christmas (as if we didn't say it enough already!)


    4. pain_18_


      Buon Natale !!!

  9. I guess it's not officially from u2.com? I still want it!!! http://www.redbubble.com/people/clad63/works/18586154-u2-cedarwood-road-house?p=t-shirt&style=womens&body_color=eggplant&size=medium&print_location=front
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