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    I'm Craig. I'm 20
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    Leeds 1997.
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  1. Question - I know the deadline for the pre-order presale is 30th November but is it the same for Fanclub subscribers? Was planning on upgrading next month? Will I still be eligible for the European shows?
  2. I used my pre-sale code for Glasgow? Will i get another code? Also, i'm in the UK, will the tickets go on sale on TM UK? Stressing out about this!
  3. Got the download and i received an e-mail to say the vinyl had finally been shipped!
  4. I haven't received anything yet. Was starting to worry! Seems i'm not the only one in this boat.
  5. Haven't had any e-mails yet, but i saw a picture of the vinyl that someone had posted on facebook, there was a picture of a note saying that the tracks were available to download from U2 site. Does this mean we will get a full digital download of it?

  7. Listening to Achtung Baby. Life is good!

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      trying to throw my arms around the world.....

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      I'm ready for the laughing gas...anyone got any?

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      Ha ha!! no but got some silly pills

  8. I've recently signed up, i've loved U2 for years, but am in no way a 'Die-Hard' fan. I managed to get U2 by U2 from my girlfriend who (And i quote, her words not mine) 'doesn't like them' - She received it as a gift and she found it when she was moving house. I paid for the subscription to hope that there is a tour this year or next as getting tickets would be a nightmare otherwise, if i was to get tickets then a dream come true. As for Northside story, i can understand totally, the doubts that the Die Hards fans would have as it's (I'd imagine) content they've already read or have, but for a
  9. Great game last night. Loved the Italy/England game. Got £5 on Italy to win the world cup at 25/1 - So i hope they keep that form up!
  10. Arranged to see my girlfriend tomorrow but just now i'm watching Futurama. Again, i'm a happy Craig.
  11. Hello everybody. I'm Craig. I'm 20. I'm from Scotland. I've always loved U2, but haven't seen them live yet. The prices on 360 in Glasgow were too expensive. I'll definitely be seeing U2 a few times on the next tour. My favourite song is Even Better Than The Real thing. I'm a computing student in my second year at college. I had planned on signing up to the fanclub for a while so i've been finally able to do it. I look forward to speaking with you all here. I enjoy other bands such as Oasis, The Libertines, Kasabian, Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, The Stone Roses, Beady Eye and Noel
  12. CraigFairlie

    The Book

    Can't wait for this to arrive!
  13. Had a lovely skype session with my girlfriend earlier. I'm a very happy Craig.
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