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  1. Music needs to be the first priority. I think there should also be the option that subscribers should be able to buy subscriber gifts from previous years if that makes sense. So for example, i joined in 2014, so missed out on U22, Artificial Horizon and From The Ground Up: Edge's Picks to name but 3. These 3 releases go for £50+ on Discogs. Obviously there will be subscribers who will have these (And many earlier gifts) so it'd be completely optional. The prints in 2016 were great, but i simply don't have the space for them currently.. Also as others have said, the nugs.net
  2. I dont have a problem with the content as such, the issue i have, personally is the format. CDs? It's 2021. think it should be on Vinyl. I'd be happy to pay say $70 per year, instead of $40, to make sure it's vinyl. The 2015 gift was on vinyl. 2017 was on vinyl. 2021 is on CD...
  3. Question - I know the deadline for the pre-order presale is 30th November but is it the same for Fanclub subscribers? Was planning on upgrading next month? Will I still be eligible for the European shows?
  4. Got the e-mail today. Wasn't expecting it as i used the code for Glasgow tickets. Even still, i'm not complaining!
  5. I used my pre-sale code for Glasgow? Will i get another code? Also, i'm in the UK, will the tickets go on sale on TM UK? Stressing out about this!
  6. Got the download and i received an e-mail to say the vinyl had finally been shipped!
  7. I haven't received anything yet. Was starting to worry! Seems i'm not the only one in this boat.
  8. Thanks for this article. I love Pop. It's my favourite U2 album!
  9. I've heard the Croke Park rumour too. Just wish something would be announced either way. I've got a holiday to book for next year! I've provisionally booked a hotel for the end of December in Dublin. Free cancellation if the gigs don't happen! 4 Nights. Double room £187. Happy days!
  10. It's a great album BUT The Killers Version of Ultraviolet is rotten! I don't mind the Killers, and i love Ultraviolet but it's just an awful cover. Totally wasn't Brandon Flowers Style at all.
  11. Haven't had any e-mails yet, but i saw a picture of the vinyl that someone had posted on facebook, there was a picture of a note saying that the tracks were available to download from U2 site. Does this mean we will get a full digital download of it?
  12. I'm looking for a GA ticket, preferably two, but would take 1 for 7th.
  13. I'm looking for a GA ticket, preferably two, but would take 1 for 7th.
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