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  1. Haha my 9yo just said, “I really want you to win, but my brain kind of hurts from listening to these songs for so long.”
  2. I guess this was my mistake thinking I had better odds living within driving distance, I underestimated all the fans able to make last minute flights!
  3. Ok y’all, so last night (the one around 9pm EST) the lady said I was caller 5 quite a bit into the song on the app. This morning, a lady said “caller 1, please try again” it was just a few seconds into the song on the app. So who knows what to make of that considering DianeDella was #3 in the car! Only a few tries left anyone else feel like they will never be able to hear the beginning notes of AOH again without feeling like they need to spring into action?! If not me, hope some others here get lucky!
  4. I happened to load the app just then and saw that it was playing again and thought I had some error in the "go live" - keeping it interesting I guess, maybe they'll play again today at this rate.
  5. I caught it in the car and still couldn’t get through. Pretty sure that was the first time today? Just wondering if I can resume a normal heart rate/activity until evening. I know it’s pretty futile, but can't help trying.
  6. Oh dang, that makes sense then. Unfortunately the monitor solution is not sustainable since if I drain my battery I’ll have bigger problems! Will hope for some luck but even when I’ve caught it live I can’t get through.
  7. That’s encouraging to hear there was a winner via the app - I’ve been so frustrated by the lag, as it would seem impossible to win if not listening in the car. I literally had a baby monitor on my car radio this morning, I’m nuts. ?‍♀️
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