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  1. Gotta agree on the setlist. It was refreshing not to listen to TJT songs. At first I was dissapointed since Streets is probably their best live song but I did not miss it at all. New songs are awesome live, except YTBTAM, I wish they go full band with that one. Honestly, this is the best opening I've seen. Opening with Love/Blackout was great.
  2. I think new songs are just fine. Crowd goes up while they play Blackout, Lights, Red Flag or American Soul...they get things going up with those songs. But I may be wrong, I was in GA LA1 so the vibe is different from the seats. He is just getting old, we can understand that.
  3. Yup...every show is acoustic. Same at TJT tour. I really wish they play it full band version.
  4. They will not drop American soul at all this tour. And that is good, song has a good energy. I agree, they should drop SBS for this tour, although it makes sense to be followed by RBW. As for I Will Follow, perhaps alternate with Electric Co, Another time or Stories for boys would be a good idea. I agree with Horses...can't believe they dropped it after first show
  5. Same here...original plan is to drive there on tuesday around 5am but considering to stay in the area since monday night. Driving from Tijuana, Mx.
  6. Agree. That was smooth. I did GA the first 2 days and it was the best GA ever for me. Hopefully this time goes the same since I am bringing my 10yro kid and he would not do a 12 hr line and also we are driving from Tijuana, Mx early morning.
  7. I think Summer would be great gor the B Stage.
  8. Glad they play SOI songs but I think they should drop SBS.
  9. To each his own. I+E has been my all time fav tour so far. I really enjoyed. Of course, a few songs that I would change but let's face it, you can never please U2 fans, including me. SBS should not be played anymore, I cannot stand this version. I am glad they are including songs from SOI again also. As for Acrobat, it was good, good energy. Obviously Bono can't sing like he used too and I am ok with that....time does not forgive anyone. Elevation/Vertigo should be removed but then again, those get some fans in the crowd to sing so I guess that is why they keep playing them. Cannot do a show f
  10. So..how did GA worked? Did the "sharpie fan made" line worked? Or did they start a new one following venue rules?
  11. I think they will block the view. I got into TM this morning just to see the prices and noticed those circles. Now, I go into TM and they are not shown anymore (at least on my cell). I had tixs for the Rose Bowl and they were being blocked by PA...pretty much in the same spots as the circles mentioned. Had to talk with Customer Service at the venue and they relocated me.
  12. My dad decided that for me during Zoo Tv tour. I still tell him that it was not a good decision and I missed that tour
  13. I took my kid (9) to Santa Clara and we got seats. I did GA for Pasadena and I do not think he could've handle it. Too hot....need to arrive early and if you do not get close to the rail, he would not be able to see the stage I think. I strongly suggest seats for any kid below 11. We are planning on attending San Diego too and will pick seats again.
  14. I just renew suscription because it is expiring in two weeks....would that apply for presale code?
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