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  1. retail presale for the second Amsterdam show has been rescheduled: now, starting 31st January 12 o'clock AM instead of 10 o'clock. Thus giving Innocence-code holders a head start to buy tickets of 2 hours.
  2. I'm sure that these options will give no result, as in 'no tickets available'. That is a possibility.....but I wonder where the €38,50 tickets are placed in that case. I did not check because I was busy trying to get GA-tickets....and succeeded.
  3. The Amsterdam show is not a 360 show. I think you're confusing entrances with the available blocks. For example Noord A is used for the blocks on the east side of the stadium (blocks 419-423). But blocks like 114 and 414 are not for sale. No; did you take a look on ticketmaster.nl? Blocks like 114 and 414 are for sale at € 38,50.
  4. I noticed during the presale for Amsterdam that there are tickets available in all area's behind the stage. Price = € 38,50. Does this mean that Amsterdam is different from the other venues? I mean: in other cities these kind of tickets are not available. For instance Brussels or Berlin. Anyone else noticed this?
  5. I don't know where i've read this before; but the word is out it will be Paris.
  6. First foto's u2 stage leaked..... Enjoy https://www.facebook.com/WeAreOneWithU2/photos/pb.201926023254632.-2207520000.1430429722./793382110775684/?type=1&theater
  7. In the presale i managed to get 2 tickets for september 9th. Seating tickets in section 213. So this morning i thought:"Well, lets give it a try". I qued up at 09:25. Around 10:05 i was able to select 4 GA tickets for september 8th. This was the most worry-free ticket buy experience ever. I was surprised to hear everybody was having troubles getting tickets...Nonetheless: I made 3 colleagues very happy today!
  8. I'm just gonna go for London and then when Dublin is announced just gonna hope for the best in the general sale. If London is getting 4 gigs, so should Dublin. 3Arena I reckon. From U2.com tours FAQ: Q - If I don't use my presale ticketing access code in presales for shows announced on December 3rd, will the code still be valid for use if/when other 2015 dates are announced - such as the Dublin shows, details of which are still to be revealed ? A - Yes. Your un-used presale ticketing access code will be valid to use in further shows announced for 2015.
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