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    I love most music, playing guitar and spending time with family and friends. Also enjoy all sports ..Liverpool FC
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    Under a blood red sky
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    Arms Park , Cardiff. 1987
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    O2arena 2015.
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    O2 innocence and experience
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    Edge/ all of the above..
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    The Cure, Depeche Mode, Deacon Blue, Madness, Coldplay , Oasis.... Rhodes, John Mayer , Don Henley

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  1. At The Arms Park in Cardiff 1987, 'stand by me' was playing over the p.a then the band came on and took over ....what a moment, never forget it. The song was big at the time on some tv advert. Can't wait till Saturday.. twickers baby!
  2. I think for a retrospective tour the lads should play a different set list .. agree with most others on this thread that songs like heartland and hawkmoon 269 should be revisited along with classic live staples such as tick tick and the cry/ electric co. I would love to see em play kite at twickers as this was an absolute corker at the coming home gig at Shane..
  3. I was at the arms park '87, got solid memories of stand by me playing just before the lads went onstage then they came on to finish the song.. class! Also Edge kicking a rugger ball from stage saying his father had dreams of him 'playing' at the arms park someday!! The Alarm and Mike Peters singing ' Bells of Rhymney ' was another highlight for me. The Pretenders and The Silencers on the bill...
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