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  1. every sailor knows that the sea is a freind made enemy
  2. Larry has great lungs! Oh my! I loved the moment he raised his voice!
  3. yes Lion, you are pretty obsessed too. Interesting that we only have ONE song in common...The Miracle... my numbers are reaching higher but I dint dare posting them here or you might think Im crazy..... BTW, I met a U2 super fan who lives around the corner and I didnt know!! He kncked at my window yesterday after listening to me singing and hearing Breath....
  4. Johnny Cash, Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen....
  5. money money money for love and money money.... and the fever is getting higher...desire
  6. what about making a thread about it on the free member forum, so I can post mine? What do ye say folks?
  7. Maybe I will post it here so you guys can see it. Who knows if someone else do the same. I would like to hear other U2ers stories of how they found U2
  8. 19 628 you have that right, the energy onstage wasnt the same without Bono.
  9. good to know that someone feels the same...
  10. 19 625 I missed Bono onstage... I didnt feel the same energy... Chris Martin and Bruce did good (specially Bruce) but Bono is missed....
  11. I am very much into the new design... way to go!
  12. Because the Night... has Bono covered the song singing as the main singer? I mean, I saw the performance at MSG with Patti and Bruce but, someone knows about any cover U2 has recorded?
  13. There is only ONE Bono, but The Boss and Chris Martin did good. Although no one can fill Bono´s shoes. Get Well soon! I missed the part when Bono pulls the mike, you know... like in the Get On Your Boots video....
  14. yes, it is about time.... I would love to hear Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad live, Levitate, I Love You Like Mad and Summer Rain (which is one of my favourite ones because of its lyrics)
  15. Oh, I am so sorry. I just said what i heard. The last thing I want is to invade his privacy. GOD! I am so sorry...
  16. I wrote something and I was thinking about sending it to the hospital Bono was in, but then I gave up. It is the story of how I found U2... I think it will be in a floder forever
  17. God! Kindergarden is amazing.... among all the things I love from it... I adore how they changed the lyrics...
  18. yeah, sure... like if it´s going to happen to me... thanks for the support though... ;-)
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