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  1. Augusta, I just got my GAs.....try this.....use the filters and filter the price to the $60-$80 level.....I don't know if that is how or why they finally showed up for me, but it was the only thing I changed in the last few minutes and it worked. perhaps coincidence, but worth a shot.
  2. Now this.....it shows GA as available on the right and even says Red hill presale....but when I click on "unlock" and enter my code....I get this.....the only thing my code unlocks is VIP and RZ....
  3. deleted cache and cookies on all platforms....tried again....no luck. Also, lady at TM on phone told me VIP and Red Zone are all that is offered in presale....pretty sure she was just trying to get me off the phone haha!
  4. just to clarify...you are able to pull up actual tickets (not VIP or RedZone) for Indianapolis? I have used TM app, Firefox both mobile and full, Chrome both desktop and full, and IE full with no luck.
  5. Im in Texas. Checking privacy settings....since I just downloaded it and fired it up as fast as possible I have no idea haha!
  6. I downloaded Firefox to my phone.....used it to access TM mobile, entered everything, code, etc....and it gives me an error saying I have exceeded the ticket limit for this event!
  7. well.....I tried it on Chrome on my mobile and it worked.....but nothing available....so I tried all prices......and still nothing available....could the red hill allotment already be gone for ALL sections?
  8. Checked Chrome and it isn't working there either! Unfortunately I don't have Firefox.....
  9. not a problem at all! Anything I can do to help (and get tix) I have done this 100s of times and never ran into this....Ill keep trying until they fix it and report anything new. Thanks to you guys for all you do. (especially on days like this).
  10. Ya, Indianapolis is messed up. If you actually pick Red ZOne though it is $347.
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