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    Achtung Baby
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    84 NEC , Unforgettable Fire tour
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    Glasgow ie tour
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    Zoo TV Celtic Park (2nd night)
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  1. My house is shaking . Sub woofer on 11
  2. Great tour, great moments, great fans. Peace x

  3. Well it was a beautiful sunny day in Paris today and a beautiful emotional night. Bono in tears several times
  4. For the people of France and the peacemakers everywhere , it's going to be a special couple of days / nights.
  5. I have 1 seat in Block D for sale will listen to offers , face value is €188.50. Ticket is e-ticket on a pdf which I bought direct from Ticketmaster.fr
  6. Just checked flights from birmingham and it's about £400 return so this is a non starter even if I can bag a GA ticket
  7. Timk68


    Sorted for both nights
  8. 34 048 Paris here we come
  9. Been trying on and off no joy. Paris is dropping though
  10. Tickets sorted for both nights in last 48 hours . Ticketmaster France dropping tickets still
  11. Do Ticketmaster hold tickets back and drop near the event to beat scalpers ??
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