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  1. Will definitely be made available later in Blu Ray or 4k. Otherwise I would have expected exclusive to the fan club being mentioned in the news release.
  2. Have to concur here, underwhelming gift. We are 2 generations past dvds now. No doubt this is going to get a general release so will have to fork out for the bluray/4k version also.
  3. Was also extremely unfair in the US presale where Citi card holders were allowed 4 tickets.
  4. Cheers for reply. Ye was almost three weeks of a delay in receiving the cd. Done more so in the hope of a code, as already used code for an American gig.
  5. Anyone received a presale coded that ordered off of the U2 shop yet?
  6. If i remember correctly the verified fan general sale registration closed on the 24th November.
  7. Have they misjudged the pricing point for tickets on this tour? Strange to see one extra show only added at this stage, and now fans being allowed to use their verified fan code on any city they want.
  8. I honestly think this verified fan nonsense is complete bs, in the way it was heralded to stop scalpers. Especially given the ridiculous decision to allow people in the Citi pre-sale 4 tickets.
  9. This. I think ever since live nation become involved the corporate cash grab has ramped up as we progress through the tours.
  10. Can't believe there is a four ticket limit allowed for Citi presale.
  11. My gf is in the innocence group and has not received a mail yet.
  12. Awful selection of tickets for Vegas considering the price of the tickets. Four large sections adjacent to the stage seem to held back or were unavailable.
  13. If it truly is a lotto now for the pre-sale what complete and utter bs.
  14. That's a question many of us outside of the US have been asking. But haven't received a definitive response as of yet. Looks like it will be just a wait and hope effort.
  15. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that as this is a new tour and as you have bought tickets for a previous tour, people were not eligible for this tours presale, without resubscribing. I was in the same situation as yourself so resubscribed before the deadline to be safe. As the information we were given wasn't exactly clear.
  16. Did you buy tickets for the Joshua Tree tour? If you did then you would have needed to renew your membership despite it not expiring till May. In order to be eligible for this tour.
  17. Any indication on when these will be sent out. Outside of the US so debating to stay up and see if I get one?
  18. I really wish it was this time tomorrow so I could finally relax
  19. I would be suprised if sign ups are closed for the European leg. Just like the Joshua Tree tour I expect you will be able to buy your ticket with a membership.
  20. Anyone know what time in the US all the information on tomorrow's presale will be sent out?
  21. The one thing I'm sceptical about at the moment is getting the text message for the presale on time. Especially since I'm outside the US. Hopefully there will be some form of testing done before hand.
  22. Anyone else having issues with their allotted pre sale group?
  23. http://www.u2.com/help Number in the link. Let me know how you get on.
  24. Yep same thing with me. Emailed customer support and hopefully they can sort something out, without having to pay $40 again.
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