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  1. Mods - Massive thanks for your help and super quick responses! You guys are amazing!
  2. Wow! That was easy! Has TM stepped up their game or is it just because this is a stadium show rather than arena? 4 GA Toronto
  3. The U2.com/tour page ticket link takes Canadian customers to the .com rather than .ca TM site. When choosing a Canadian show.
  4. Noticed on TM that the Fan Club VIP Access is open at the same time as the Redhill group (January 11 @9am). Mods, any idea what this is? Cheers
  5. Love that they switched up Bullet the Blue Sky so it isn't after Every Breaking Wave! Nice changes tonight
  6. Attended both nights. Incredible! Toronto1 we were at the main stage and Toronto2 we were on the rail at the B stage. It feels like a completely different concert from each vantage point. The main stage is classic rock band U2 and the B stage is more of the intimate and emotional U2. I loved both experiences. We had our two teenage sons with us both nights. The older one is a rabid U2 fan and this was the first U2 concert experience for our younger son. They were both blown away! They couldn't believe how close the band is to the audience and how amazing the sound and screen are. They held up signs each night and Bono especially liked their "Young Not Dumb" signs during both shows and when he cruised up to the GA line and rolled his window down he mentioned to our son that he noticed the signs. Pretty cool! Toronto1 - Bad had me in tears, which I was not expecting. Brilliant performance and definitely a highlight for me. Toronto2 - All I Want is You pared down was perfect. They were supposed to do Crystal Ballroom after Angel of Harlem and before Every Breaking Wave at the B stage and then move to the main stage for AIWIY later on but there were technical difficulties so we got AIWIY with the female audience member accompanying at the B stage. She had actually said she'd prefer to play AIWIY when Bono asked her to do Angel of Harlem. Cheeky . I wanted to hear Crystal Ballroom and was really hoping for it in Toronto but I can't say I would have preferred it at the B stage over AIWIY. Crystal Ballroom needs to be glitzed up when they play it again. Drop those disco balls on the catwalk and drop the disco beat as Bono dances from one stage to the other... I'd love to see it that way! Montreal3 - I was on stage for the U2 "party" Toronto1 - Bad had me in tears and also the thrill of watching the awe on my younger son's face as he experienced U2 for the first time Toronto2 - AIWIY and then Shine Like Stars during WOWY were phenomenal Each concert was a different experience and filled my cup to overflowing. Wow!
  7. I believe the song you are looking for is - Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
  8. Gate 2 Toronto2 GA line was started after the Toronto1 concert so the earlier you go in the morning the better. Check-in at 9am and then stay for the day. See you there!
  9. From the Ticketmaster site... Ticket Limits There is a 2 ticket limit for all password-protected presales and membership bundles, a 4 ticket limit for VIP Packages during the presale period after December 5th at 3PM, a 4 ticket limit during the first day of the onsale, and no limit thereafter.
  10. a GA drop for July 7 happening right now... if you are still awake!
  11. a GA drop for July 7 happening right now... if you are still awake!
  12. a GA drop for July 7 happening right now... if you are still awake!
  13. The GA line has already started. Might want to head down there to get your number. The venue will be issuing wristbands. Good luck! Thanks! Got numbered. Do you know if the venue checks the id and cc when the wristbands are issued or will it just be scanned cc right before entering. Seems smoother to do the check with the wristbands.
  14. Do you know if they are doing a check-in type line or a stay-in-your-spot-until-the-doors-open type of line?
  15. Are you serious? You saw U2 signs for the GA line?
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