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  1. Hey Synj! Are you going to the Friday show? I have a friend that is interested. He has a seat for Friday, but, would prefer GA. Are you queuing up early? From what I understand with the restrictions, you can call AXS or Flashseats and you can transfer the ticket to will call (for $15 charge - ugh!)...but, you have to be there to pick up the ticket (will call will open at noon on day of show). So, I suppose you could either meet up at will call or queue with the person purchasing the ticket. This whole ticket transfer restriction thing has just added another layer of fun to an already amazing ticket buying process (she said sarcastically...).
  2. Hey Mich40!  I got a really random call tonight from someone who said they were with Ticketmaster U2 Verified Fan.  I put a message on Bigwave's wall as well - but, wanted to try and reach one of you with the conversation to give you all a heads up!  I tried emailing but looks like my ability to email through here has been turned off.  

  3. Anyone get GA for Vegas in the Innocence group?! I’m not seeing that anyone got GA!
  4. @bigwave - great Q&A on atu2! Thanks to all the mods who do so much to help us out!!
  5. Thanks Spacko - we have a number of friends that are all planning on flying in for the show as well (myself included). Just wanted to make sure we'd all be able to utilize the pre-sale like we have in the past. Luckily, I'm in the Experience group - so, I'm hoping I don't have any difficulty with getting the tix I want.
  6. I'm all resubbed and verified - but as I look at the Vegas show, I'm noticing they don't use Ticketmaster, they are ticketing through AXS. Will there be any concerns/issues with the pre-sale codes for this show? I don't see any mention of the pre-sale listed for Vegas on Ticketmaster or on the AXS ticketing site. I reached out to AXS last week and have received nothing...which is a tad concerning. Anyone know if AXS is participating in the pre-sale and whether our pre-sale codes will be valid for this sale?
  7. I was at Dallas as well!! My concert trio this tour will be Dallas, Dublin, and San Diego!! Can't wait to meet everyone in San Diego!!
  8. Things I've learned today... 1. The moderators on this page are saints and have more patience than I can imagine. If any of the mods are going to the San Diego show...beers are on me. ? 2. U2 fans are a persistent bunch and I just love how passionate we can be about seeing one of the greatest bands around. 3. These additional shows will no doubt be electric! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you've done to get these issues worked out for us today!!
  9. Yes, they are still handing out wristbands. Go now if you haven't already.
  10. Latest email from AT&T Stadium says this about the GA Line... General Admission Policy: Starting at 6:00am on Friday, guests will be able to line up in the West Plaza for the General Admission (GA) Entry Line. We will be distributing numbered wristbands at the entrance to maintain the order of the line. Each person must pick up their own wristband. The wristband will guarantee your spot in line until we start admitting people into the building. I'd show up as early as you can to get the wristbands
  11. You're in good company with the line frustrations. 231 won't be bad. Really...there's so much space, you'll probably be 1 row back from the rail if not on it. I had friends in LA that we're in the high 100's and got a spot on the rail on the catwalk. Here's to a great show tomorrow!!!
  12. We did line up at 7... it was a bit of a mess. Next fan line check in is 5am.
  13. From what I'm seeing, only the CC holder has to be at check in at 7pm; however...things keep changing. If possible, I would try to bring everyone just to be safe.
  14. All checked in! Just received word that only the CC holder has to check in at the fan line (no longer the whole party like earlier today). Security has agreed to honor the fan line check ins. If you haven't already checked in...go now! Corner of Collins and Cowboy Way!!
  15. Hi All!! We are just a few days away from...by all accounts...an AMAZING show! Just confirmed with a group on Facebook that the stadium will be handing out numbers at 6:00 am on Friday. Sounds like once you get your number, you have to leave and then come back later at a designated time (I've heard 2 and 4:30 tossed about - best to confirm with security once you get your number). No word yet on a fan run line before 6:00 am. I'm flying in from Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon and will probably head over to the stadium to check things out and see if anyone has started up a line. Tony7 - I'm heading out on Delta Thursday morning from SLC and get in around noon. When do you get to Dallas? I wonder if any more Salt Laker's are coming!
  16. Thanks for the great info jwaldrop!! Hopefully this information will make for a fun night night (before and after the show)! I haven't heard of any meet up's yet...but, I'll definitely keep my eyes/ears open and post here if I see anything. 1 week till showtime!!!
  17. Phoenix2 for I&E was very similar jwaldrop. I remember Vancouver GA line starting a few days before the show last tour. I'm hoping more information from the stadium and/or fans will be released as the show date draws closer. I'm getting way too excited and there's still two weeks left for us!
  18. Agreed - that has been my experience in the past as well. In fact, in one of those cases, I was the friend that showed up late. I got my number as soon as I could in the afternoon (after my friends had received their numbers earlier that day). We hung out in the line all day until it was time to line up in order. Luckily, I was able to make my way to them and it all worked out in the end...this only worked I think because we were in the ellipse. If it was along the rail, I think that would have been more difficult (those spaces are precious!).
  19. This is great news jwaldrop!! My friend had a very different experience with her communication with the stadium - hahaha... glad to see you got more information out of them than she did! Thank you for posting here! Looking forward to meeting everyone! See you in the line!
  20. I agree jwaldrop. I loved being able to line up early in the morning, get a number and wristband, and then come back later in the day to line back up again. That gave us time to go see the band as they came in to the arena! I would hate to line up in the wrong place! I have a friend that has emailed AT&T stadium, but, she hasn't heard back yet. Once I get any info, I'll for sure post here! Would love to see what other people find out or if anyone has any plans to start the line. We are flying in Thursday afternoon and heading straight to the stadium from the airport to check things out!
  21. Love the buzz when the concerts are getting close!! U2 shows are unlike anything else!

  22. Thank you both for your responses! GA line is always an interesting experience! haha... I'm excited to start seeing reviews of the shows, best locations to stand, etc. I agree that we should (hopefully) know more about the GA line set up after the Houston show. Thanks for the heads up on the parking situation! Would love to know if there is a fan meet up in Dallas as well! I always love meeting fans and making new "line" friends.
  23. We are just over a month out from the Dallas show! I can't even begin to say how excited I am! My friends and I will be coming in from out of town for the show (Arizona and Utah). The Utah group met the Arizona group in the GA line during the IE tour in Phoenix. I love that friends are made in the GA line! We'll be doing GA again for the Dallas show and I was wondering if anyone has any info on the GA line process in Dallas. Phoenix had a great set up - everyone was given a number the night before, you had to be back by a certain time to check in or you lost your place in line. Then the stadium personnel came out and gave everyone wristbands with your number. You had to be back by a certain time to line up in order. It was a great set up. Everyone was really great about making sure there weren't any line jumpers, etc. Wondering if there will be a similar set up in Dallas? We're all so excited and would love to meet up with fellow fans while we're there!!
  24. GA is great fun! Being in line all day with like minded U2 fans makes the whole day better. Definitely bring munchies and water. Wear comfy shoes/clothes/sunscreen, etc. Bring something to do and interact with those around you....card game, sidewalk chalk, etc. My friends and I buy cheap camping chairs and just leave them by the stadium when the line starts to move to go in. We're travelling to Phoenix for this - so, we're hoping to find some at a store down there (they don't make for great carry-on items) . Above all - just have fun and enjoy the experience. The energy buildup once the line starts to move and you get into the stadium is unlike anything else. And when the boys come onstage...scream like crazy!
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