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  1. Ticketmaster hasn't gotten back to me on Twitter. If anyone feels like complaining to them, it's @TMfanSupport.
  2. I have exactly the same question. I tweeted at ticketmaster and they said they aren't seeing any issues, what's the problem? Sooo...now waiting to hear back.
  3. Oh wait: I figured it out. It's still only showing the Ireland presale tickets. I'll try again in...two minutes. EDIT: It worked! Got GA for Friday night. Yayyyyy Dublin here I come!
  4. I only signed up a few months ago, so I got a totally new presale code in the email overnight. I'm looking at the ticketmaster page now, and when I enter my code it says "Please check your offer code/password and try again." Is that just because it's 4 minutes before noon? Or is there something wrong with my code?
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