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    On 1st September 2015 in Turin a dream came true! I met Bono!
  2. Beautiful! There are no other words, a blast from the past. I've got tears in my eyes. These may be the best U2 ever. They were young and handsome (...me toođŸ˜¥) but above all they were the best band in the world. Bono had the best voice ever at that time.

    Thanks for your gift in this time of crises due to Covid19. An amazing night off.


  3. Happy Birthday Adam! I met him in Turin in 2015, during SOI Tour. He was very kind and friendly with us. On 11.10.2018, in Milan, during SOE Tour, he was standing right in front of me, on the Bstage. It was fantastic! I hope to see him soon! I wish him all the best!
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