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  1. Shannon, they did the same to me, only I got the vinyl instead of the book I chose. Do you want to trade? Email me at please use PM feature and avoid publishing your emails in zoo as it leads to spam thx - mods to discuss! :-)
  2. I chose the book. But somehow I got the vinyl, no info on how to download the full album. For some odd reason, my account showed I chose the vinyl but I'm positive I did not. I've called and emailed and they refuse to exchange this for me. Very annoyed!!
  3. I signed up for a first time account back in Dec. 14. My friend also renewed hers at the same time. She got her "North Side Story" book a month ago, whereas I haven't gotten mine. We both live in NJ. I sent an email to the HELP box a week ago inquiring and still haven't heard anything from them. And there's n o info under my account link about the book, or that I am even going to get the book at some point... Can anyone help? Thank you!
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