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  1. I used my codes for my JT tickets and my membership doesnt expire until 16th February 2018 but I can't see where I can renew. Am I too late?
  2. Hi there, I was one of the very lucky ones who won tickets to see the TFI Friday show. I've been a fan for over 20 years and was over the moon at getting this very exclusive chance to see them up close and personal. I got there early in the hope of meeting them all as they entered the building and was fortunate enough to meet Adam. After meeting with the production team and getting our names checked on the guest list we were give wristbands and we were soon ushered into the studio right up to the front of the stage. The atmosphere was electric, I've been to U2 stadium tours and they have a presence of their own, but to be literally a foot away from Bono as he sang Raised By Wolves was totally awesome, I was dumbstruck and had to keep pinching myself that I was there and it wasn't a dream. I never in a million years thought I'd see U2 in such an intimate setting compared to a huge tour venue. The set and sound was brilliant, top class and perfect.The music was fantastic too and I got to watch it on tv to re-live it over again. I must say a HUGE thank you to Alan Ivory who pointed me to the competition on here otherwise I would have been none the wiser. I feel extremely privileged to have experienced such a surreal performance, definitely one to tell the grandchildren about in the future. Thanks to the admin who sorted out the details and to John for his helpful demeanour. All songs were great and Bono sprayed a bottle of champagne into the audience!!! Absolute dream come true
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