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  1. Sorry if this either has come up before or should be in a different forum. I have four GA tickets on my credit card for Saturday night. When entering last night I asked the girl swiping cards what happens when you've four on your card - do they all come up at once? She said, "only if you bought them together." Which freaked me out because I bought two in the presale and two more in a drop a few weeks ago. Can anyone tell me if they've got in okay with four GAs on one card with two separate purchasing transactions? I don't want to queue from early and then have to make a trip to the box o
  2. I'm all for paradox but, like too much banoffee, when over-indulged, can be a bit sickly:-)
  3. Maybe others have said this but Bono's got to be close to the end of his paradox ration in SOE?! U2 have always deployed paradox nicely but its frequency grates on me a little, even though I really like most of the songs... shooting stars, brighter as they're vanishing; how bad can a good time be; get out of you own way; you can only truly own what you give away; blessed are the bullies for one day they will have to stand up to themselves; when all is lost we find out what remains; we can't afford to be afraid of what we fear; this freedom it might cost you your liberty; see myself from
  4. Working away here listening on repeat. I'm with those who are somewhere on the positive side of middle:-) Some crackers: Lights of home, Blackout, Little things and what about The Showman for a crazy little throwback?! I have a real aversion to Earnest Bono (give me pain, joy, confusion, paradox but not earnest!) so Love is all we have left, Red flag day and Summer of love just grate on my ears. Delighted to be listening!
  5. Another quick question: I used one of my two Innocence subscriber tickets for a bad ticket for Philadelphia #1. I hope to use my second ticket for Washington DC #2. Do I need a new Innocence group code to do this or is my old one still valid? If I do need a new one, how do I go about getting it?
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