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  1. Just tried again one hour into presale and got a GA. Seems like good tix I’ll availabke for Boston 2. Strange
  2. Did anyone get any tix for night 2 Boston in Innocence group even regardless of GA?
  3. Anyone in innocence group get a GA for Boston second night. Nada pulled for me just like first show. I haven’t heard anyone getting a Boston GA in Innocence group. Really screwy they didn’t allocate more and left Innocence for leftovers only.
  4. Agreed. Also is there a separate presale for experience and innocence group. In innocence group I got screwed with no GA tix even allocated to the presale. Hope I get a chance at them.
  5. Same here. In past got GA tix no problem in presale. Nada this time. Scored the GAs with Citi presale on first try. Real shitty they carried over ticket allotment from one group to next. If they add a new show def feel out of luck innocence group should get first crack
  6. I've seen people complain about Ga availability but I just pulled up 2 GAs with Wires presale code and it's 5pm est.
  7. I was able to pull up GAs this morning at 925am. Thought about buying gen for resale but oh well. Gotta keep trying.
  8. Im also surprised that these are hard tickets. I just got 2 GA in the Wires presale. I was able to to load up another 2 GA in my cart just now and was tempted to buy them for resell or trade if there is another show added but still not sure if they would require an ID during entry to match the ticket purchaser. Does anyone know for sure if ticket purchaser has to be present for Boston GAs?
  9. bravo...you had the queued and ready to go, didn't you? scored a single GA to Boston 2, was hoping to get a pair but at least I have GAs to both Boston nights. waiting for the shows 3 and 4 to be added.
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