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  1. - All the young dudes (Mott the Hopple) - The Stars are out Tonight (David Bowie) Good show overall despite the chaos outside. Most of the people, like me, heard Mumford and Sons from the outside. Floor was just half filled, I guess a lot of people gave up and went back home. I found the sound too bright, I'm glad I had earbuds with me. Awesome screen and videos. Goosebumps on Miss Sarajevo.
  2. No idea about all that Mike, sorry
  3. Yup, same as for the seats, layout has been flipped, so I found myself at the back of the main stage on second night instead of facing the e-stage. Laura, GA pit was not crowded at all on the first show, I guess they could've allow 150/200 more people on each side. Second night it appeared to be much more filled.
  4. Yes. Anytime. And return anytime.RZers got 2 wristbands : one red and one for the south or north GA, depending on which RZ you're in
  5. Forgot to mention : in my opinion the best sports are near the e-stage / catwalk crossing, as shown in green there :
  6. Great, sometimes epic. No regrets ! I've been on GA on the first night, north side, by the rail of the e-stage. Great spot, that I secured easily despite the fact I arrived in the GA line-up around 4:30 in the afternoon. Once inside, I found myself side to a brazilian couple who were in the line since 4:00 am (around number 70)... Second night I was on section 121. 3/4 behind the main stage, with a decent view on the screen. Very impressive imo for a tour start, looks like they already have dozen gigs done before. The stage setup is really neat. Except for the upper bowl be
  7. Not at all ! Only exception is if you are behind the main stage, the band on the e-stage and the screen down to the catwalk. That means only one song (Even Better Than The Real Thing)
  8. Guys, yesterday was epic, but tonight was far above epicness... Made a try for audio recording. Got the whole show and the sound quality sounds pretty decent. Where sshould I upload this ?
  9. It started around 8:10 and finished just passed 10:30. So about 2hours and 20 minutes
  10. I've seen lot of people changing sides. But as there is only one (very small) point where to do so - i was just next to it - I noticed that Security kept the sides balanced, and let people go only if another one was up to switch
  11. Btw, I made a quick seating chart update about the Rogers Arena. Compared to the floor plan released by ticketmaster, it has been reverted. So tonight, in section 122, gonna see their butts And of course, no giant screen...
  12. I was not planning to take pictures / videos, but as I ended at a very nice spot by the e-Stage I made some vidz. I'll try to replace it by a 720p/1080p version as soon as I figure out how Once again, I reached the GA queue at 4:30ish pm ! And ended up next to people arrived 12 hours earlier...
  13. yup, 6:15 for GA, 6:30 for the rest of the world
  14. The giant screen work is awesome ! But you have to be able to see it. Too bad for people at the ends
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