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  1. The goal isn't fairness. It's accessibility. Whatever price they set (which is up to them), they don't want fans paying extra to pad scalpers' wallets. Whether the fan are getting ripped off by the original pricing structure is a different story.
  2. I bought 2 in innocence and had 4 GA's come up in the general sale, punched in my info. and was rejected because "I exceeded the ticket limit."
  3. I'm trying to register for the onsale for SJ2, but when I click on the drop down the only show listed is Montreal 2. Is this just because it's too soon after the announcement or am I "doing it wrong?"
  4. Me too. I'm in 109 row 8 pretty close to the aisle, so should have an okay view of the screen. It was in 109 row 10 near the center and had GREAT views of the band, but basically couldn't see the screen at all. For $76 it's a real bargain considering what the other seats were selling for.
  5. BigWave's response on the @u2 podcast was "probably but we really don't know anything firm about any future legs."
  6. I got my innocence code via text around 7:30 am PST. My friend in Seattle got his about the same time.
  7. The presale is before the general sale, but you have to pay for it by subscribing to the site. It's moot though because the deadline for doing so has passed.
  8. I'm innocence and no email. And my guess is that Imnoiu is right: the TM algorithm to detect scalpers false positived a whole bunch of people. Edit: Got my iNNOCENCE email literally while I was typing this post originally. 1:36 PST.
  9. Mods, you are amazing. Thank you! (I didn't need their help, but I know how thankless it is).
  10. Blue. It's not clear if more will be released for iNNOCENCE or Citi or if that's the total presale allotment.
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