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  1. I was one of the subscribers that received the email and then had the oops email, only to get a code days later. U2.com contacted me Friday and when I called back, I was told I would not be getting tickets as I was not on the list....so I’m not sure what he is saying when he says they are trying to reach out to those people and get them tickets. The customer service was horrible. The CS agent was rude and had no information . Communication needs to be dramatically improved! While I applaud his taking the time to respond, I’m not very optimistic that they can make this right.
  2. Hi Sherry! I stood right next to you in the Red Zone in San Diego! I was wearing the beautiful day shirt ?. I was one of the unlucky fans that got the shaft in this pre sale. I received the email to expect the pre sale code and then I received the “oops just kidding” email. I’m aghast at this pre sale. It’s a joke. Thank you for your post and trying to make sense of this disaster. I hope the band can make it up to the paying fan club members who really lost out.
  3. I love how the fans are hearing nothing but crickets from the band and the management......maybe it’s time for an apology to the die hard fans who were boned by this presale. Took my money, promised me a code and then oops. ? way to keep the tickets out of the hands of fans!
  4. There is no excuse. They know what to expect from the presale...especially coming off the Joshua Tree tour. This was dishonest and shady. If they were going to a lottery, it should have been 100 percent clear. This is bad business. Fans don’t forget this type of thing.
  5. I’ve sent a message to the mods and I’ve heard crickets. This sucks. The lottery was never stated in any literature. This whole thing is a rip off.
  6. Does anyone know if there will be a list for red zone? Also, what time should we arrive for red zone if we want the rail?
  7. Soooo much chaos at the 360 tour!! I'm hoping this GA line will be like the line at the Forum for the I.E tour. That was smooth as silk!
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