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  1. Hi there getting excited now for the shows!! Ive received my Belfast paper ticket about 6wks ago but havnt received Dublin paper ticket so.im a bit concerned....has anyone received their Dublin paper tickets??? ??
  2. Sorry for jumping in on your topic i cant work out how to start a new thread!! I just wondered has anyone received their paper tickets for Dublin yet? I received Belfast about a month ago but no Dublin so im getting worried ? thanks a mil
  3. I love reading all the reviews and watching all the youtube footage getting me so phsyced for Dublin - The Boys are Back in Town!!! Big shout out to the London crowd i thought you were amazing!!
  4. Thanks Bigwave, I can't understand what is wrong with me but it's not so much I'm lost for words Its more I keep filling up and bursting in to tears every time I think back to the two nights! I think I just had so much raw emotion at finally seeing 'my family U2' back on stage in my home town and the fact that they were even more amazing, fun, intimate and bloody RAW than I had dreamed of and maybe also the fact I was standing right in front of them at the B stage that I've now become an emotional wreck! I'm going to last night in Dublin so I think by Sunday I may be needing shares in Kleenex!!! Lol god I just love each and every one of them for what they can do to my soul with their songs. I also discovered even at 46 I can still rock with the best of them when I hear those chords of I Will Follow you just be transported back to your youth!! Roll on Dublin - you are seriously in for a hell,of a party !!! I think Bono will be in tears as he nearly went a couple of times in Belfast!!!
  5. OMG I was at both gigs in Belfast, been at every tour since kings hall for Joshua tree and boy did they rock Belfast!! Night 1 was amazing however night 2 for me topped all only 2nd to first night in Slane. Too many highlights to mention however Out of Control, Pride, Invisible, Streets and then my perfect end Bad followed by 40 will live forever in my memory! When I heard those first chords of Bad I literally burst into tears and that was me right thro until they finally disappeared down the steps at the B stage Fans in my hometown were AMAZING!!! Roll on Dublin 4 xxx
  6. How do you know people used old codes again? Just because they said it on this website doesn't mean they did, leypts face it there are a lot of people out there just like to stir it up. I know the last pre-sale I definately could only use the code once and there are people on here complaining they couldn't use their code again so I would be more inclined to believe those complaining that they couldn't to those "letting o n" they could. I may be totally wrong but that is just my opinion. I've used the pre-sale for last tour and for this one and I cannot believe how smoothly it all went both times. I've been at every tour since the Joshua Tree and I can assure you tickets before pre-sale were a nitemare to get, queuing all nite in the rain etc etc . The one place I have always wanted to see U2 has been in my home town of Belfast in the Odysey mainly because it is such a small intimate arena and the sound is amazing however I always knew if it ever happened tickets would be like gold dust. I've held on to my code praying this tour as they were playing indoor my dream would come true so when it was announced I was nearly ill with worry about getting a ticket. I sat up until 2am on Tuesday night with no sign of the email coming through for the pre-sale, got up at 7am to find it in my inbox! I couldn't eat breakfast and hoovered house from top to bottom even got the ironing board out all to distract myself until 10am - signed in and low and behold two GA tickets first night in Belfast in the bag by 10.10am!!! I've been on a high ever since lol
  7. OMG OMG I'm sooooo happy!!! I've always wanted to see U2 in Odysey Belfast but seriously never thought a) it would happen as venue so small and intimate and that I would get a ticket!! I've just got my ticket and 1 for last night in Dublin wheyyyyyyyy heyyyyyy Its a Beautiful Day - there will be no living with me the next few weeks ❤Bono and the lads xx thank you so much to U2 pre-sale xx
  8. Hey if you live outside Ireland you can still enter the pre-sale on Friday - tickets don't go on general sale until Monday You mustn't want them that bad if you ain't even going to try, after all we can only get 2 tickets on pre-sale so im pretty sure we are all going to be signing in on to ticketmaster on Monday too and hoping for the best!! Good luck
  9. thanks everyone for the update, still waiting patiently for the email so hopefully it will tell us exactly, otherwise i am going with my two sisters and they have codes too so we will work something! good luck everyone, i hope the nerves are bearing up ok lol
  10. Hi thanks a lot for the update finding it difficult to find any info and nerves are shot to pieces ref getting tickets! I've been holding out for Belfast as I've had such a good feeling Bono and the lads would want to play Belfast this tour, I have just one question I am hoping someone can kindly help me with Can you use your pre-sale code to buy one ticket for one date and then another ticket for. 2nd date? I know you can only buy 2 tickets in total however can this be split over two dates or once you use the pre-sale code for the purchase of 1 ticket will it be void? Thanks
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