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  1. Have been approached by another U2 Impersonator on Instagram. There  is a whole new crop of them. This guy is not very bright and does not know his stuff. Tried to get me to give him bank information, Instagram does nothing about these people. They are making millions! Its outrageous.

    I would like to say an early Happy Birthday to Mr. Evans. 


    FAKE larry.JPG

    1. mich40


      Since it is hard to get Instagram to take these accounts down, I suggest making your account private, if it is not, and make sure you are not following the account and they are not following you. They can still message you, but they can’t tell if you read or delete it. You can also completely block the account. 

  2. Instagram does nothing when you report these people! Nothing! They are still on Instagram scamming and threatening people.
  3. I was just physically threatened by the fake Bono _u2.bono_ his email that he uses is From: Paul Hewson <officialu2bono@gmail.com> I am quite frightened now. I believe that he may be in California but I am not sure. If anyone comes in contact with this man call the Police ASAP.
  4. I’ve reported accounts (I was approached by that fake Edge also) instagram doesn’t do anything! 😟. It’s so frustrating.
  5. No problem at all. It took a bit of courage because I am so ashamed and frankly heartbroken but I really do hope that I can help someone else not get ripped off. I heard for the last time from the Fake Edge tonight, He got quite nasty and I finally blocked him.
  6. I got this fake Irish Passport from a different Fake Bono than the one that ripped me off. I couldn't remember which one, there are so many fake Bono's. I just wanted to post it in case anyone else came across it. I feel like a jerk, but I couldn't help myself and wrote to the fake Bono that was the worst Fake Irish Passport I have ever seen and clearly he doesn't even know what one looks like, I was looking at my Irish passport (I have dual citizenship Irish/USA and it was almost comical how bad his was...… .
  7. Thanks hillpy2. I have been approached by :"David Howell Evans" also that is the first thing he did was tell me to go to google hang outs. The conversations I had with the other Fake Edge seemed so real, he really knew his stuff and was smooth and very convincing. VERY convincing.
  8. I' m so incredibly ashamed and emberesed embaressed but I have tp tell my story to protect other U2 fans. I have been a U2 fan since I was 14 1985. I am a bright educated woman but I got scammed. On Instagram "The Edge" approached me. At first I thought it was too good to be true but then I got sucked in. And by the way it was too good to be true. He promised me a meet and greet but talked to me a while before he hooked me. This man is very very believable. There is also a multiple fake Bono's but one that is working with this Fake Edge. There Instagram names are _u2.bono_ and the other
  9. I'm curious who the other impersonators are?
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