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  1. This show is going to be 75 percent full of music biz people and cool exec people.
  2. Didn't receive my gift yet & it seems like everyone else in the US did.
  3. I'm sure they will announce additional dates, but after the public on-sale. There's still tickets to sell for the first nights when the public on-sale arrives. I'm sure they want to almost sell these out completely before announcing additional dates.
  4. I don't think the band makes a statement on this pre-sale situation -, at least soon. I think the problems with the pre-sale have just been talked about in U2 fan circles and not the wider music world. Until it spills over to being reported about in music news, I don't think they draw attention to their mistakes here. I don't think they want this press & narrative going into the new album - only two weeks out from release. Especially after the blowup with the last album's distribution. It feels like every album review & story about SoI was about the problem with "forcing it into everyones iPhones". They probably don't want this ticketing screwup to spread & take over the conversation. Maybe if the music they've released so far was more commercially successful, but it feels like what they have released so far hasn't been to a level of success U2 wants/needs.
  5. I'm looking for 2 U2 tickets, preferably GA but open to others. I'm coming from out of town (commitment the day before) so I can't line up with others the day before or the AM of the show. I'll be arriving and entering early afternoon on the day of the show. That's fine with me because I want to hang back to take the whole screen in in all it's glory. Thanks!
  6. Hey. I'm desperately searching for 2 GA! If you end up acquiring seats and decide to get rid of the GA, please reach out! Thanks.
  7. Looking for two tickets to Philly. I didn't buy when tickets went on sale because I was getting married that weekend. U2 being my favorite band, and 'TJT' my favorite album, I couldn't miss this. I ended up messing with dates (moved my wedding up a weekend . ) Now I just need 2 tickets for me and my future wife! Thanks!
  8. I had used my pre-sale codes for two Boston tickets, but unfortunately my situation changed and can't make the show. I sold my two Boston tickets to a U2 fan at the face value. Anyways, I'd love to catch them in NYC, as I'm now living in the area. Anyone have an extra ticket (I don't care which date, I'm open to any)? I'm looking to pay face value area, I don't have a ton of $, I just want to see the show. Thanks!
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