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  1. Can make this offer a little sweeter with a VIP Ceaderwood lounge pass!!! You could be drinking with the Celebs Saturday Night ...this pass includes free booze n chance to meet band
  2. Hi folks need 1 ticket for Sat night!!! any spare going let me know!!!
  3. I was down at the arena this evening ... around 9PM around 50-60 people in line...some guy taking names roll call at 6am and then lining up at 10am for the day.... annoyed as I was willing to be there for 6 but ive got to work till 3!!! was at the Chicago shows and the queue didnt start fully till 4 each day!!! obviously you gave your name early and had your place in the line!! pretty annoyed
  4. yeah sorry ticket is for block 407 row r and costs £90 {face value}
  5. Hi im got one spare ticket for the thursday show ... If anybody wants it!! face value
  6. Hi looking to move two tickets (section J) facevalue for the Dublin 3 show. Have just received tickets and I honesly cant afford them!!! going to London , Belfast and opening nite in Dublin... so ill be sick of Bono at that stage!! I can meet in Dublin the week of the gigs!!!
  7. Hi, Portobello is cool, your only a short walk from city centre!!! Stay away from bar...over priced ...lots of other cool bars in around south William street {just off Grafton St} Sandmount would be nice too... pretty close to the three arena!!! Air b n b is your best option for booking!!
  8. Folks I think i have two spare Ga tickets available!!! How does the credit card thing work ? I'm based in Ireland!
  9. Well mate r you still on for this ?
  10. Ah go away max will ya... I ve spent thousands of euros over the year travelled the world for them!! What harm is it standing outside their hotel?
  11. Hey guys ...lifelong U2 fan... But have never been able to get a photo with him... Have travelled to Boston to see the shows! What is my best plan to get him?!
  12. johngurhy9

    Ticket swap

    Looking to swap two seated tickets for two ga tickets for Saturday 11th ! Let me know
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