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  1. I got 2 MSG GA tix right at 9am this morning. Had my computer and phone app going. Tix on my computer came right up at 9am and my phone just kept spinning, never clicked on to Ticketmaster site. I rarely get tix using my computer so that was a surprise. I hope others get the tix they want today!
  2. I had 2 Vegas GA in my cart finally at 10:20am and when I went to the payment page it said my session has timed out. The top of the page had said I had 2:50 left so it didn’t time out, maybe a bad glitch? So frustrating. I had AXS and Flashseats logged in and ready, so no reason this should have happened.
  3. Agreed that this was easier than for previous tours. Got Red Zone Rose Bowl within 1 minute of going on sale using the app. So appreciative of the pre-sale code opportunity. May can't come soon enough now!
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