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  1. Just wanted to thank all the motley crew from the Q (night 3) for a very warm welcome. It sure feels like a great community to a newbie ...
  2. Learned today that one of my dear friends has lost her job. In her personal life things are up shit creek too. Does anyone have 1 GA spare? I will give her mine but obviously would prefer to take her and go together. Pm...
  3. Tnx for heads up.. i might just follow your tip!
  4. Hobs.. tnx soooo much. I'm thinking of queueing for Saturday's show. Sunday I have to play hockey until 6 so that will be a late entry anyway. This really helps. Thank you:)
  5. Would anyone care to share how busy it was in the GA Q? When did it start, how quickly did it fill up? How often were the roll calls? When were wristbands handed out? When did doors open? Did red zone get in before? It would help me plan ... I'm considering camping out
  6. I just wstched the U2brothr documentary.. moved.. v moved. Delighted that the dream came true. I'm on here as in September will be my first ever U2 show and i want to get the vibe ... always thought I'd see them but somehow it never happened. I'm a springsteen sista I suppose.. and that is where my money goes... and i know the feeling of waiting for 27 (in my case !) Years for the dream to happen .. delighted for Mark. It made my day!
  7. It's a shame we didnt know each other before wild isthewind.... we could hv split our efforts. I'm upset with myself for not taking the risk...
  8. Max... tnx.. thing is.. it seems a bit sad that the concept is: 2 nights and two different experiences... And then in.amsterdam you can not split your code over the two nights. I always intended going to both nights.. so if it had been possible, i would have bought 1 ticket per.night... unfortunately this was not posdible for amsterdam...
  9. I have 1 GA on 13th (amsterdam 4)-want to swap for the 12th Ga (amsterdam 3). anyone?
  10. I bought 2 tix for 13th of Sept, as amsterdam did not allow to use one code for 1ticket for each show. I really would like to swap 1 Ga 13th for 1GA 12th... and thus do the two night experience... Anyone opt for the saturday show and now looking for a1ticket swap? Pls pm me
  11. Exactly: the presale code for the Netherlands allowed me to buy for one date only, so I decided to buy 2 tickets for the 2nd night (13 september), and hope to swap one ticket with someone on here for the 12th. That way both get to go to both nights, without extra costs etc. I just wasn't sure if 'trading' like this is allowed here. greetz Pauline
  12. I just bought 2tix for the ziggo dome concert on 13 th of sept. Coz it was not possible to use the code for 1ticket per date. Obviously, i want to go on the 12 th too. Is it allowed to ask if someone here will swap.. so we both get to go both days? or is that frowned upon. Newbie
  13. i think it says.. in FAQ .. not possible
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