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    My Catholic Faith, Photography, Music, History, People, Art, Nature and Creation, Life & Humour...
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    Punchestown 1980's
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    They're all so amazing !!
  1. This is a very positive vibe video for the work done by the amazing charity Marys Meals which helps so many children get food so that they can get an education and go to school and get out of the poverty trap that they are in. They are looking for more help to reach 1 million children throughout the world this year. i would say they would easily get that. So many young people throughout the world are already involved and helping this great charity. Marys Meals has its own channel on Youtube. Check out its other videos and all the wonderful work they do to make this world a better place for so many children. God bless you for 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4oFLP3rKIU
  2. Alone with none but thee, my God, I journey on my way. What need I fear when thou art near, O King of night and day? More safe am I within thy hand than if a host should round me stand. My destined time is known to thee, and death will keep his hour; did warriors strong around me throng, they could not stay his power: no walls of stone can man defend when thou thy messenger dost send. My life I yield to thy decree, and bow to thy control in peaceful calm, for from thine arm no power can wrest my soul. Could earthly omens e'er appal a man that heeds the heavenly call? The child of God can fear no ill, his chosen dread no foe; we leave our fate with thee, and wait thy bidding when to go. 'Tis not from chance our comfort springs. thou art our trust, O King of kings. ************************************* Attributed to St. Columba....nice one..
  3. I found this one by Anonymous...yes, its important to smile and live in hope.... If you are on the Gloomy Line, Get a transfer. If you're inclined to fret and pine, Get a transfer. Get off the track of doubt and gloom, Get on the Sunshine Track -there's room- Get a transfer. If you're on the Worry Train, Get a transfer. You must not stay there and complain, Get a transfer. The Cheerful Cars are passing through, And there's lots of room for you- Get a transfer. If you're on the Grouchy Track, Get a transfer. Just take a Happy Special back, Get a transfer. Jump on the train and pull the rope, That lands you at the station of Hope Get a transfer.
  4. Anabela33

    Zoo Station?

    Ready for the meal more like, Bono and Edge look very hungry indeed...Larry is definitely the policeman in this one...very shady looking ..Adam is too cool here to be bothered about anything..
  5. Anabela33

    bono time

    Yes indeed Bono, get well soon. (not sure if any of you see any of these comments) Your music and voice seems to get better as the years go by. I saw you all in Punchestown in the 80's and have a nice photo of Bono signing an autograph for me there. I think he just got engaged to Ali at the time. Am not sure where or if I still have the photo, must check it out. God bless you and keeping you in my prayers.
  6. Oh dear, what a picture. Thank God they look better in real life....are there any smileys on these comment boxes ?
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