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  1. Hello all- I'll be in the presale tomorrow (Thursday) Do I need to log into U2.com at all? Or is it solely thought ticketmaster? Hope I don't have these dreadful computer tech issues Thanks
  2. I'm a music fan. When bands I like come to town I buy tickets and go to the show. U2- they have some good music, I think they're worth it to see them play. But when then they come to town I can't buy a ticket because --> they've reached a tipping point in terms of popularity and mainstream recognition. Trying to buy a ticket, as my experience proved today, is not feasible in the general public sale. At 10am I got on ticketmaster. In line online for 40 minutes = nothing. Now, later in the day, the only tickets available are the $300 cost (I don't have that kind of money). Resale t
  3. I'm aghast that u2 charges membership for pre-sale codes (like they don't have enough money already) but seems impossible to legitimately have a fair shake at getting tickets when they go on sale to the public
  4. sigh, I legitimately want tickets (xmas gift for my mother) but tix went so fast. ticketmaster line kept refreshing for 40 minutes this morning, I gave up. now I see options are $300 tickets (ridiculous price) or grossly inflated re-sales that are about that amount or more. (glad the music I like tends to not be mainstream, and so reasonable prices and no such sell outs)
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