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  1. Happy new year to all U2 fans and to the band ! I really thank U2 for this year, full of emotions and very very very good music ! the show of december 7 th was sooooooooooooooooooo good,i will never ever forget it ! love you I wish 2016 will be a better year for our world.
  2. great live yesterday, a lot of emotions, a perfect sound, it's hard to find the words to express how i felt and i'm still in that ambiance now
  3. yeah, it'll be very special, the emotional level will be higher than ever !
  4. i think U2 made the right choice to play in december. The security will be OK , more policemen and soldiers, people will not be allowed to gather near Bercy, etc.And it's a great support for us -french people- to have them with us, together we'll be STRONGER THAN FEAR !!! We must live as we used to live before,surely a little bit more paranoiac, but those bastards won't change our love of life, fun and music !!!!
  5. i really hope it will be confirmed, i've just watched the Slane Castle Show on DVD and I'm in the ambience !
  6. it gives me great support to read all these posts. I live near Paris and I had a ticket for the nov 15 live... Here, one week after those attacks, it's hard not to think about all the victims and their families and friends. But we try to make "neo resistance" by living as we used to live before. But all demonstrations are banned, we live in the state of emergency...As i'm writing, i hear many police sirens (my home is near a road leading to Paris). Many times I think about Bono'sentence "don't become a monster in order to defeat a monster" Sure we will never be like them...
  7. happy birthday bono, i know i'm late but i wish you all the happiness you deserve, i love you ! God bless you and give you health, joy, inspiration. I'm eager to see you and the band in Paris in november.
  8. because it represents a piece of your personality plus I thought you loved guitars, a Gibson Explorer would do nicely. myself I'd pick an Ibanez.
  9. i love this one, "la liberté guidant le peuple" de Delacroix, this drawing of Plantu is wonderful !
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