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  1. No one is responding on Twitter to help me. How can people who have been fans for 25 years not be verified fans?????
  2. I spoke with U2.com, and got told that I'm not a verified fan, so I can't get a presale code. How is this possible? I renewed my membership early, through 2019. How am I not a verified fan? U2 used to care about the fans, but now they really don't care at all. This is ruining my life, I live for my U2 concerts.
  3. Thanks Kwaite. Where am I supposed to PM them? On twitter? I'm having trouble navigating all this, I'm still in shock. I've been hearing U2 since Zoo TV, cannot believe I didn't get a code.
  4. I'm an Experience group member and got the same e-mail that I won't be receiving a code. This sucks, how am I supposed to get tickets?? This is ruining my life, I am a huge U2 fan and am so incredibly upset. I can't believe they are doing this to fans. I am a fan from Propaganda days, how is this happening????
  5. I'm in the Experience Group but didn't get a presale code. How do I go to the show? Why didn't I get a presale code??
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