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  1. Achtung y’all. Hell yea,,!! Let’s see what’s on t.v tonight????
  2. It’s all a crock of shite........why oh why.? Did u2 hand over full responsibility to ticketmaster to handle the ticket sales.....I’ve attended every tour since 1st JT tour sometimes multiple times and always got a ga ticket , many fans like to attend all shows if possible and many do...many do a 4 city stop .....plan hotels , transport etc.....I fear those days are over for the die hard fans who like touring the proper way as I’ve mentioned above. I feel sorry for all the real deal fans in the USA , I hope and pray that it’s not the same shite in Europe as I live in England and would like to
  3. I'm in 2 minds wether or not to keep my verified fan info up and running and connected to the na ticketmaster??? Or disconnect from the na ticketmaster and wait for the euro drop as I'm not 100%sure if the code I will receive will work for euro shows anyway?? Bad form boys...why oh why did you decide to hand over the ticketing to ticketmaster...I bet every European fan is walking on egg shells and worrying like mad about this situation.....c,mon boys give us a snip of info about Europe....please.....please get up off your knees now PLEASE!


    ( I bet they make more money in Europe anyway...and since they are so money driven at the moment......????)

  4. Anybody out there got a scrap of info about euro situation....???


  5. Achtung y'all.......will the ticket presale drop codes for the USA also work for euro dates when they are announced? And as I live in the uk do I really need to be connected to ticketmaster in America??  Plz can someone clarify this situation.....peace...or else.    Burnzi.

  6. I'm a fully paid up subscriber and got the green light for presage code.....will the code I receive be just for the us shows? Should I keep the code and wait till euro shows are announced or sack it and just wait till euro shows have been definitely announced??   This is madness......

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    2. Burnzi


      Thanks max.........this is a shite state of affairs.....ticketmaster.....bad news bro....   G.   Peace.

    3. Burnzi


      Should I undo my connection with USA ticketmaster too max??


    4. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      If you feel it's better - it doesn't hurt to have it and could be of use later (if it doesn't you can disconnect it when the EU presales start)

  7. My son cian thomas burns was conceived in Paris on the 360* tour.!!!
  8. New songs Defoefo will get played as per on a 1st leg. I would love to hear I trew a brick.... Gloria...... 40 ....... Discotheque.... Gone ...... So cruel .......... Dirty day ... Lemon .... Silver and gold....... Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me....... And the must haves like streets. Peace love or else. G. Whatever they decide I will be happy. Enjoy if you have a tx ....if not....keep trying till you do.
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